HELP! First time grow! Yellowing from bottom and curling downwards

Hey everyone first time grower here, I’m growing some female autos but all the sudden overnight my baby plant completely curled downwards I’ll provide pics. Really confused on what’s happening, I’ve been using used coffee ground in soil if that helps any further,

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Whoa… I don’t believe it’s a good idea to pull your plant like that unless you plan on throwing it out. I don’t think anyone will be able to figure out what the problem was until it’s buried again and recovers from that .


Lol so sorry I wasn’t more clear that’s what it looked like while still in the soil I literally just pulled it out, the original pic while the plant was in soil is posted with the other photos at the bottom

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I’m guessing was maybe too much light and possible hot soil. put it back in the dirt and don’t ever do that again. Hopefully it can recover and we can try and help you at that point.


Coffee grounds are acidic and will lower the pH of the soil. Probably what is doing it.

And it only takes a couple minutes for the roots to die in open air. It may not live now.


Thank you your advice it is beyond helpful, unfortunately due to my stupidity I’m going to have to discard this auto. I want to make sure the coffee grounds won’t affect the other plants but I guess time will tell now. Thank you candidly again!! @BigItch


When starting seeds. I germinate then put in seed starting soil or sometimes soil from a previous grow that has been flushed out in a solo cup. If I am starting in a larger container I fill it with whatever soil I want the mature plant to grow in. Then I dig out a hole about the size of a solo cup and fill with my seed starting soil. That keeps the nutrients away from the seedling untill it grows up some. Seedlings don’t need nutes till the roots are big enough to spread past the size of a solo cup. IMO.
I have no experience with coffee grounds though. Mostly because I know they are acidic.
Plants in first pics look ok to me the bottom two leaves generally don’t do well and look crappy most of the time for me. As long as the ones above that are ok i figure its all good. I pinch bottom ones off at transplant anyway. If not transplanting I leave enough room In pot to pinch off bottom leaves and then top fill with more soil to cover rhe part I pinched off.

@timmytgeitguy9299 This will help if you fill it out

I use happy frog soil religiously now with seedlings. I paid too much for seeds to experiment with coffee grounds banana peels moon dust and any other exotic concoctions people dream up or post.

I have seen a lot of it and believe it is just a plant. It needs nutrients and water to grow but not too much of either. Maintain the ph of your water going in and happy frog will grow a nice plant in 2 weeks. During transplant you can go to Ocean Forest which is a little hotter and should feed her all she needs for 4 to 6 weeks.

I am a firm believer in kiss method of growing. There is no prize for killing your plant trying to get the biggest buds or yields.

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@Lynyrdsky are you referencing things ive mention personally ? Ive bwen doing this way longer than most of you hear ever consider growing period . You really dont think i know what works ? That right there lets me know a lot . I just share what works and i know it works cause ive grown plants doing whatever i speak on Sir . How about you try it and learn for yourself that it does work instead of grow bashing cause you never done those methods before . Everybody grows cannot afford the best of stuff right but need medicine , why not share what dont cost tgat works verses selling market stuff thats over priced for most ? :thinking: