Help! First time attempting to grow

Hey y’all! Newbie here attempting to grow hydroponically. Can someone tell me what nutrients I need to start in my aerogarden?
Also any tips or tricks?
I eventually want to transport into my grow tent or my greenhouse.

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Welcome to the community, your in the right place, me I don’t know much about dro but do know @thedeernad can probably get you some answers

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Not really familiar with an aerogarden besides my mom uses one to grow lettuce and herbs/spices. The reservoir seems a bit small, and I think that and a few other things need to be considered.

1 - How soon do you plan on moving the sprout out of the aerogarden?

2 - What do you have for the plant yo go into after the aerogarden?

3 - What kinda of lighting do you have for after the aerogarden?

As far as nutrients go, pick a line of nutrients and try and stick with it. You’ll want to feed it something higher in nitrogen for the veg phase. You’ll also need to make sure you figure I out the water capacity of the aerogarden and make sure you mix your nutrients in proportionally so…most nutrient manufacturers will have a specified feeding schedule, use that to get your solution strength for the ammount of water you need to use. Start at 50% recommended feeding too, low and slow!

Oh and welcome!

Thanks…I have 3 aerogardens and one miracle grow bigger hydroponic system…in addition I have a green house and have a small grow tent on its way. I typically have moved my superhot pepper plants from aerogarden into either a makeshift kratky or into soil in greenhouse. This is the miracle grow set up.
My makeshift kratky is basically two solo cups… i cut a circle in bottom of one cup and insert a 3 inch net pot. I cut the top part of that cup off. The cut cup with net pot is put into other solo cup upside down…


A great starter system is as easy as modifying a 5 gal bucket with lid to accept a net pot and have a small hole for an air line, feed the reservoir air with and airstone and pump.

If you can manage, steer clear of miracle grow for cannabis, you’ll want to look into cannabis specific nutrients to give your plant its best chance!

Or if your going to get into a soil grow, look for also cannabis specific potting soil. For both my hydro grow right now and my soil grows over the summers, I’ve used Fox Farms nutrients/soil, soil was in 10gal cloth pots which worked very well!

The grow system is miracle gro…but plan on using nutrients suited for cannabis…what are percentages for nutrients?