Help Drying Outside Only Option in a Tent

I need help, I’m going to dry outside in a waterproof tent without much sunlight at all, I’ll be using a decent Honeywell mini heater with a thermostat for the colder temps. Question, Is this possible? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. My other option is to give it too a friend to dry, but I’d rather not. The harvest could go south I’m sure…Anyways I’d like to do it myself.

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You should target 70F and 60% RH for a 7 to 10 day dry.

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So it’s possible to dry outside with my tent? 70 degrees at 60% Humidity outside?

The weather here in NY isn’t too cold yet. Some nights it will be going down to 50 degrees. Daytime is in the 70s.

Those are the parameters you should go for. It will enable you to have a successful dry cycle. How you accomplish it is up to you. No one knows your environment (and therefore what to do about it) than you do.

I would avoid drying outside and think about alternatives if you can’t achieve those levels consistently throughout the drying period. I use a bathroom in my house that can be unused for a couple of weeks. Having the tent indoors may be another option.


I will most vigorously maintain the proper temps and hopefully humidity levels… I hope it’s good enough. I do have a really good digital thermometer with the humidity readings on it as well.

Indoors anywhere is no good.

The temps are perfect it’s the humidity one must watch. If you can, then put a fan to circulate air, not to fast, just low speed. I would trim the buds and put on a wire screen or a hanging rack of some type and simply light a candle for the humidity.

People dry outdoors all the time, most use racks or poles in a shed of some type with a fan or two out of the sun.

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