Help diagnosing leaf spots/color

this is a mature Pineapple Punch plant, close to harvest, outdoor grow, drip irrigation, tropical climate in summer (southeast texas), 100% organic, soil is used for veggies year after year, i use only organic Microlife fertilizer, and amend with my own horse manure-based compost enriched with fish carcasses and kitchen scraps, including lots of crushed eggshell. once a month or so i make a compost tea for a soil drench. sorry, no photo of the whole plant, but i just got well over 1lb out of it.

every week to 10 days in veg and very early flower stages it got an alternating leaf drench of spinosad and neem. late July they got stressed during a 100 degF+ week, killed off low and internal leaves but i cleaned it up, put up sunshade, and it rebounded and got a decent harvest. over the growth period i had no insect problems, saw several praying mantis, one grasshopper that never returned, and have found only 4 caterpillars over the whole time, and as you can see the harvest has been well attended to and no cats or other insects encountered.

just want to know what this could be so I can correct it for next year if possible. i have not checked the pH - never saw a need since tomatoes, okra, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, kohlrabi, mustard greens, brussels sprouts, and more including all manners of peppers have been grown in all seasons over and over again for well over 20 years with no issues. The pH must be in a good range for so many things to grow so well, so i am not too keen on messing with it.

will also add that this just started about a week-10 days ago, all grow long it had looked very green and strong with the exception of the heat wave damage. it seemed to be increasing but due to other circumstances beyond my control i had to harvest about a week early.


Gotta test ph dude. It is essential for healthy weeds.

You at least have to test what’s going in. Water/nutes.

Other than that I don’t grow outside.

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It’s hard to say but it doesn’t look like Leaf Septoria. If it’s old growth leaves it’s most likely nothing to worry about as they get some type of mildew or fungus outside as they yellow and die.