Help! Crop Killer

Hi guys, Outdoor gardener. Something has been chopping down my girls. I have not seen it, or any sign of it {them}, Happens at night. I check them at dusk, then at dawn plants are just sawed in two at base with a clean cut. Almost looks like someone cut with cutters. They don’t appear to eat anything, the leaves, and flowers are untouched. Just a little saw dust around the stump. I’m stumped, just can’t put eyes on the little bastards. They ha
ve cut plants from 6"to 3’. They are really starting to piss me off !!. HELP…

Camera up the place and do a camp out dwn the rd so u can catch the little fxxk

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Sounds like you have a weed hater. Someone who doesn’t want your plants but doesn’t want you to grow. Are you in a legal state? Do you have close neighbors.

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Are you growing on somebody else’s property? Not cool!
If it’s your property, I would put up a fence and post no trespassing signs.

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Saw dust is made from a saw :unamused:

Once a lot of my seedlings were chopped at the base. Nothing was eaten, just cut off.
Figured out it was roaches. Not the smoking kind of roaches. The brown nasty crawling kind.

Do you have any pictures? Sounds crazy though never seen that but I did have grasshoppers swarm through from the depths of hell with fire on thier wings and eat every leaf off over night. I couldn’t believe my eyes had to harvest they were close enough. I’d set up a trail cam for sure

Thanks guys. No not two legged ,that would be easy fix private prop. and we all have guns in these parts. it is some kind of critter. Only happens to one at a time thought it was rats or mice at first, but no droppings or signs and don’t eat nothing.Gotta be something small a bug of some sort they can cut a little 5*6 inch plant without disturbing anything. And can cut stems 1/2 inch dia. I’ve dealt with grasshoppers, but they eat the leaves, and you can catch them in the act. I had a problem with little catapillars that make little cobwebs in the colas, and it kills the cola, but you can see them too if you look good. It’s like some kind of leaf cutter ant, but even they have a purpose they don’t cut it and leave it. It’s a real mystery a trail cam won’t help with a bug , I would need constant video I don’t have that equip. The last little 6" girl was one of seven, and right outside my window…???Ant killer ring around base of pots maybe ? of course that don’t stop the fliers… What about the purp. in the members lounge ? SICK!!! what I wouldn’t do for a scratch and sniff screen !

Could it be a deer??

have seen pill bugs do night only damage at ground level…and not eat the chopped plant.

I wonder if sprinkling flour, chalk dust or something like that might reveal either paw prints, or bug tracks. I’ve never encountered anything like that. Could it be moles?