Help! Brown spots/yellow lower leaves. Help!

I watered my plants with r.o water with calmag Saturday. Ph balanced it. Monday she looks hurt. Need your help!


Pluck the old dying leaves their job is done. All new growth is good. It’s normal for lower and older leaves to exhaust. Just remove them.

Thanks! What do you think would cause that. If I only watered with R.O. And calmag It’s probably deficient. Or maybe I’m wrong when I watered a bit heavy. Maybe fox farm strawberry fields mixed with with promix? A bit worried it happened so fast.

It’s normal for them to die off. I get em out so they don’t have a chance to cause any moisture issues. They’re leaves she started with. In soil be sure to let it get pretty dry before watering each time, every couple days. She’s going to get hungry soon. Soil feeds for a couple weeks you have to supplement after that. Plant looks healthy overall

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Ok sounds good I will chop all the lower leaves little by little thank you!

Can you post a few more pics Growmie?

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Might be asking for flower nutrients pk

Hello everyone My plants got stunted when my Furnace went out at about 2nd week veg for 2 days. Tried my best but didn’t want a space heater on high while at work. Tried my best to keep them warm. So Gorilla Glue bounced back but Bruce Banner Hurt. Autoflowers from ILGM. Soil is fox farm strawberry fields on the bottom half. Top half promix50/50strawberry field. Perlite 20%. Ph the water at 6.3 RH is 43%.(Humidifier)
Lights 2x 100w Led. Just Fed them 2gallons 5 gallon grow bags

8ml cal mag
4ml big bloom
3ml tiger bloom.

Any Advice to help them bounce back especially Bruce.?

They are at week 4.5 pics below Thank you!


If you have a seedling warmer mat, try and warm up their roots.
This will elevate root temps, and they will eventually get warm and take off again. Give them a couple more days to warm up, and acclimate they should be okay. If you can raise the temps at all, I would.