Help broke main root transplanting

While transplanting seedlings today into bigger growing containers 2 of the ends of the main root broke off, I am devastated and fear I may have just killed them, is there anything that can be done to save them or are they totalled f*cked?

It may just stunt them as long as it didn’t break everything off if you still have some root structure it should be okay might take it a while to start growing again hope it’s not an auto!!! If it is it’s done

Clones don’t have a tap root. You should be fine if you have some roots left.

No it was not an auto flower or a clone they are ILGM Gelato, successfully had germinated 5 out of 10 of them and they shot up like a rocket in the Jiffy Peet pellets and listening to my stupid boyfriend’s advice who told me to remove the mesh netting before transplanting them into bigger containers I did and the tips of the roots broke off 2 plants. Just hopefully they survive and thrive.

Dont let the root of the seedling grow too long before transplant, the root only needs to be just visible, this reduces the possibility of damaging the root on transplant.


3 days since transplant and they all are doing well so far even starting their 2nd set of nodes and looking healthy so I think I dodged a bullet on the scare.

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