Help/Advice with first grow


First time trying to grow and any advise would be greatly appreciated.

strain: white widow, photoperiod
media: coco/perlite/vermiculite
nutrients: fox farms trio
location: upper midwest, usa

I received these seeds really late (took over 3 months to get them) but decided to try them anyways. I started germinating indoors early July and as of last week transplanted them to bigger pots (approx 3.5 gal) and put them outdoors. I don’t have any good setup to do an indoor grow right now.

My big concern is they won’t get big enough to get any decent yield or any yield at all. (pics attached are after approx 4 weeks from germination, 3 days from transplant).

Watering / Nutrients: I’m trying to get them as much sun as possible and will water every 1-2 days or as needed, with half-strength nutes of FF twice/week. (except tiger bloom, waiting until flowering stage if I make it that far)

I was doing some research and considering putting them in a garage/shed under some basic florescent bulbs to try and get a little more light, not sure if that would be beneficial. I’m in the upper midwest so fall/winter is probably going to be a problem.

Anyways, I’m a complete newb and looking for some advise to see what I can do to get something out of these. Thanks in advance.

added some close ups

Outdoor grows need to start flowering soon and even then, will be fighting off freezing weather by mid to late October. Your plants stand little chance of finishing outdoors but could certainly take advantage of the sunlight for a few weeks. If you leave them outdoors they will start flowering just as soon as they are mature enough so leaving them outside for a month or two while you work on a light for an indoor grow finish will leave you with small plants and a small harvest.