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Is the explosion, corruption, what precipitated the collapse of the government then? I knew what happened before the news even said so, I used to blast on the Alaska highway project. Anfo was used by the truckload every 3 days. That had all the hallmarks of an Ammonia nitrate explosion, my onlybquestion at the time was… who in their right mind would allow that much high nitrate fertilizer to be stored in the center of the city? Insane!


Oh yeah you did! I know you did… bet the windows rattled pretty good! That was a detonation my friend… the definition of a detonation is any explosion that exceeds the speed of sound and the shock wave is the result of that.


Many players are involved here:

  1. Corruption:
    After the civil war in 1991, a peace agreement were made between the militias here. Every Chief militia has formed a party and had deputies in the government. The sadest thing they still the same till now. What can we expect when many mafia groups lead the country?

  2. Bank and Economy system:
    Lebanon is a country that does not have large industries, everything is imported in US dollar. The US dollar is indeed a second currency. The economy is trading based basically. The international debt reached 90 billions $ over 4.5 million people.

  3. The revolution:
    In october 2019, the people finally woke up and formed huge manifestations blocking all for many months the country. The prime president presented his discharge. A new government were formed.

  4. Corona as everywhere, a huge number of small and big companies closed.

  5. The explosion was the KO
    Yes they are really stupid to store inadequately that AN in the middle of the capital. I think it was used for military purposes from some part here. And I think that somebody detonated it.
    The new government collapsed again and now they want to assign as a first minister that one who discharged :joy::joy: Amazing how this country works! The same actors.


AN is primarily used for agriculture on a commercial scale. The amount is not unusual the method and location of storage is. Also the proximity to domestic fireworks is an obvious no no. Ammonia Nitrate is an oxidizer and there was plenty of combustible material around. Typically it comes in prill form like little white pellets. In a blasting application it requires a fuel, which is typically diesel, mixed until the prill just barely clumps together. It requires a booster such as TNT to reach critical mass. In this case the fireworks was the booster, Im still at a loss as to the fuel that the AN oxidized? Perhaps it was the grain in the elevators? Im sure someone knows and just wont say. My heart goes out to all the families that were robbed of their loved ones, and all those that lost their homes. Peace :v: :peace_symbol:


That’s how I feel. I will shoot you if you make me. I was in the army. I never seen war. If you ever hear that thunder
Put your eye to the sky, boy, and wonder
Maybe there’s a kingdom above the weather
Oh, and whether you’re gonna get our name is up to him

If you ever hear that crying
In the distance like some siren
Maybe there’s a singer
With no ring around their little finger
No love
And If I lose my voice
If I have no choice but to go quiet
Won’t you sing for me a melody into the night there
Well, if I die too young, if the wolf he comes
If I die too young, oh, if the locust come
Well then, run, run, run

If you ever hear that gunshot
You may think 'bout what you do but you don’t got
Say a prayer, think of mother, I am a rock

If you ever hear that sound now
If the door gets kicked in here, they come now
Think of others, be their cover
I am what they’re not

Pray for Paris
They can not scare us
Or stop the music
Your sweet voice, child
Why don’t you use it?

If I die too young, or the gunmen come, I’m full of love
So release me, every piece of me, up above
(Up above, ooh ooh ooh)

Love my mama and my papa
Love my sister, can’t stand the coppers up in their choppers
Oh, flying overhead, forty-nine dead

Singing, oh, my Lord, come carry me home
Oh, my Lord, come carry me home
I’m singing oh, my God, oh, my Lord
Oh, my God, oh, my Lord
Oh, my God, oh, my Lord
Oh, my Lord

And if I die too young for something I ain’t done
Carry my name every day
Oh, I’m sorry
Oh, I’m sorry
Freddie Gray
But sleep easy like baby Jesus in a manger
Oh, sleep easy like little Jesus, beautiful stranger
Oh, beautiful stranger

If I die too young, let all that I’ve done be remembered
And I’ll sleep easy like baby Jesus in his manger
And I’ll sleep easy like little Jesus, safe from danger
Carry onward, like some songbird, beautiful stranger
Carry onward, like some songbird, beautiful stranger
Oh, beautiful stranger


It’s a song. The first was about me

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Ive had the displeasure of pointing a firearm at people with intent and discharging it. It aint like the movies. Its terrifying. You do not want to go there unless you are mentally unstable.
Many guys joined the military after seeing Rambo or Apocalypse Now… thinking they could be like that. When you get the notice to move reality hits like a brick in your face! All of the sudden the movie becomes real and its no longer on the couch with beer and natchos! You kit up, go to the armory and sign out your weapons, prepare for kit inspection, the base goes on lockdown in silence mode, no phone calls. You get 2 calls 24 hours notice to move and 12 hours notice. And you hit the tarmac with all your shit.
Let the games begin! Its quite the experience


That doesn’t sound like a very nice realty @Cannabian
I’m sure the 1st and 2nd world wars were like that too.
Young Men signing up for adventure to see the world expenses paid then reality set in.
Life for most became a living hell so so many died to a bullet bomb or knife never to return home :house_with_garden:


Exactly! The world has many beautiful places with shining faces. Money has created this evil and corruption. I just didnt fully understand the scope of it until that happened to me and others. It was strange to see how people dealt with it. One thing is for sure, you can be a coward and a hero at the same time. Everyone is affraid! Thats no lie.


Ill tell you what though, Id way rather be the soldier than be a citizen in lebanon right now! At least you can protect yourself sorta.


@BigHuff2316. I apologize for posting that. I was trying to change your content. I tried to take the on with the words of the song. I try and keep it real. And we are to grow weed. o7

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I wasn’t trying to change it

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frozen plant lol


Massive frozen plant. Not happy by the looks


I think it would be happier as deer food :laughing:

Oh no. I’d be devastated.
happy Xmas

@HellraiserMerry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Maybe they will make it

My four clone mothers .I’m trying to keep them small .They are not cooperating. This strain is fighting reveg , even at 18/6. I’m getting 5,3,and 1 segment leaves