Hello, new grower

So I was medically retired recently. Live in California…it’s legal to grow… so imma gonna try.

The set up so far, please critique …

  1. Box is 4’ x 4.5’ x 10’, wrapped in reflective bubble insulation.
  2. A single 600 w M.H./hps in a sealed air cool lamp(6” vent holes )
  • two 4’ L.E.D. “Garage lights” from Costco they look like fluorescence but way brighter (free)
  • a supposed 600w LED light bough off cheap-o Chinese website wish.com… (I’m skeptical)
  1. 8,000 btu Air Conditioner on temp controller. AC unit is outside the box, cold vents in & hot goes outside the window
  2. RWDC: two 27g tubs, 1000gph pump for circulation, two 250 gph pumps for dripping over the tops of roots, chiller for fluid temp control, need a reservoir still…
  3. giant air pump for air stones in each box
  4. two 4” hydro farm fans:
  • 1 fan to pull through carbon filter, then for pulling heat away from the 600w hps & vent.
  • The other pulls fresh air from outside, through a filter & into box
  1. 3’ tower fan in corner oscillating 90 degrees… thinking of adding another at the 4’ mark in opposite corner.
  2. Got an electronic meter for ph, temp, ec monitoring …”blue something” forget the name

Might get dehumidifier if needed, got room on floor.

Plan to do 2 plants. One in each box. Bought “cappuccino & chronic” fem seeds from Europe. Plan on scroging.

Thoughts…? ideas?

All help greatly appreciated by me and my family. God Bless



Heck of a good plan. Guessing a meticulous planner like you has a Grow Book?

Like a spare tire…it’s a good idea to plant more than you want. Not all seeds hatch healthy plants. Hurts to find out you got a male or a puny female halfway tru the grow. Best to keep spares…cull the weak keep the best.

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Well I really don’t at the moment but maybe later.
But I would like to Welcome you and your family to ILGM.
Please take some time and take the tour of our community. I think you will get a lot of info. and you will get a kick out of some of our members.

Best of Luck

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U don’t have to worry about males. I’m not a hydro grower but the set up sounds like a good start.

Yes I have a book by Jorge Cervantes!.. and, YouTube, and members of this fine forum.

I know whatcha mean about backups; 2 is 1 & 1 is none …!!!

Thanks to all the farmers!

Good to hear. Remember ask questions. Lots of advice available here.

I appreciate that sir !


Your very welcome

B Safe

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I also would like to welcome you to the community
Sounds like you did alot of research and developed a solid plan
Happy growing :wink:CB

Here’s a few pics as of now
Updated the 600w M.H./hps with 8 QB132 boards

Been playin around. Dumped the hps/mh and added more QB… gonna take a few off this set up.

Will be 12 QB in my 4x4, & 4 Qb in my 2x4…