Heating solution em provision

So I kinda did this to combat the heat. I also admit I have no clue what I’m doing.

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59 degrees is way to cold for cannabis. can you adjust it?


I mistyped the title. It’s too cold in my basement, thus I put rigged the HVAC from the furnace to the tent. I plan on connecting it from the bottom, as the warm air rises i’ll leave an opening on top to balance pressure. Otherwise i might lift up the tent from the cold floor and put an old crib frame under it. Any suggestions?

Might I also add, that temp is taken without the light on as im in germination mode. I have a Marshydro tsl2000. Don’t know how much heat they produce yet.

Do a full dry run with lights on full blast to find out ? Dont wait until you in bloom to find issues ? Dry run get setup dial in and plant :potted_plant:!