Heat stress recovery...?

My 3 week old girl outgrew her cell pot fast and was transplanted about 2 weeks after sprout to a 3gal. I lowered my lights about an inch to try and keep the same distance from the plants (about 36”). I noticed some early stage heat stress on her. Leaf edges curling up a bit. Temps were steady around 27C during the day, 23 at night. Regardless, I have moved the lights back up another couple inches, have increased the airflow and have ordered a new AC infinity inline exhaust fan to help with potential air circulation issues and temp control.
My question is - how long until I see her recover? I have heard it can get worse before it gets better… I don’t want to stress if it’ll take some time…
My other girl is happy as can be. I’m assuming this is a colder temp pheno as I have never grown her before.

Strain - Wedding Cake by Canuk seeds.
Medium - coco, perlite, worm castings, compost, gaia green 4-4-4 and a little micorhyzae after transplant.
Pot size - 3gal now, transplant was 4 days ago.
Lights - 336W QGLED - 36” away
pH - 6.0-6.3
Temps - 23C - 27C (occasional hike to 28C) - new exhaust fan here tomorrow. 3 x 6” fans in the tent.
Tent - 2x4x5

It took me a couple of weeks for a recovery after heat issues. Watch for new growth.


It shouldn’t take em to long. Just as a note to file in your memory… always either dim or move your lights up after any big change you make like repotting or other things happen that could stress your plants. This gives em a little break from the pressure we put on the plants to get all we can out of them, think of it like if you are out on a run you trip over a stick or something fall and skin your knees, you’d want to sit there for a minute take a drink and then you get back to it.


I can appreciate that. I’ve been growing autos a lot recently and haven’t touched photoperiods in a few years so, I am used to avoiding stress at all costs. I haven’t transplanted in all that time either so, I didn’t really consider that. Plus, a buddy of mine reminded me that I can just trim any bad growth as long as it doesn’t continue in the new growth. I also have time to allow for recovery.
Good point though, instead of moving the lights further away when I transplanted, I moved them a little closer, which was likely my problem from the sounds of it.
I just want them to look happy and healthy all the time!! Lol.


Would you say that this looks like bad damage and/or heat stress? Compared to the other girl which is right beside her, you can see how much healthier the other one looks.
The problem girl is wedding cake, the prettier one is pink kush.

Na I don’t think that’s to bad it should be fine just back the light way off for a couple days and start moving it back down by two or three inches per day until you get back to where your light manufacturer says to for veg which is probably somewhere between 20 and 40inches I don’t think you said what light you have but either way the man. numbers are the way to go. Remember that the affected leaves won’t return to good the new growth is what you watch… good luck

The one on left looks like ph issues. I would correct any ph problems as it looks like nutrient lockout as well.
I may be wrong, I may be correct but either way best to always check ph to see.

Also damaged leaves stay damaged so watch new growth and it is best to do one change at a time. Changing multiple aspects to the grow at one time doesnt teach you what was wrong.

Yeah pH is at 6.2 steady. I did just transplant them so, perhaps shock?

@MeEasy @BetrayedSoul @Covertgrower how does this look? She looks to be recovering. I got the AC infinity fan set up, sprayed both girls with some seaweed kelp foliar spray and been watching closely. I think she is looking much better. Left is Wedding Cake and right is Pink Kush.

I’m starting to see new growth, so she’s probably on her way.


Sitting next to the other one you can tell how much it stressed it, but it’s coming back nicely… :+1:

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Yeah. I always grow new strains and it never fails, one always has issues while the others prosper. But, that’s what I love about it… learning.


@CalSoCal exactly why I still do it. I got sick like 5 years ago and they put me on a bunch of damn drugs and for whatever reason when I smoke now it makes me feel like shit. So I don’t smoke anymore but a couple years ago being stuck at home bored as hell I started growing again only I live in town now and can’t grow outside. This indoor growing is a whole new animal, much more technical keeping em short flat and fed it’s a challenge and keeps me busy. I luv it :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:

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New growth is looking better. Just keep temps in check and they should be fine.

Reason I grow 1 strain at a time in same tent. If they mess up it’s always equally messed up lmao.

Makes it harder to control when strains are different due to each strain liking different environments.

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Yeah, I actually quite like learning and adjusting to find the right medium to allow multiple strains at once. Keeps me on my toes and is more fun come test time.

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After topping and some kelp foliar spray, the girls are happy! Here are some pics of the growth over the last few days. I am going to start some cal-mag to take care of that slight yellowing on the new growth tips of the one girl. Might have been a result of the foliar spray as I did it for 3 days straight. Probably could have done less but, they just loved it. I’ll stick to once a week now.

Couldn’t agree with ya more! As much as I hate a picky auto outside it adds a new element to my thinking and troubleshooting, it’s all about learning!

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to gro my plants hydroponically. I can’t tell if this is nutrient burn or heat stress. Do you all have any ideas?