Heat Stress? Blisters on leaves . . .?

Recently transplanted to a 5 gallon pot with a Super Soil: (Neem seed, Kelp, Superchar, Worm castings, FFOF, hydrocorn).
Seedling lights: 125 W Agrobrite (cycle 18/6) to new vegetation tent
Lighting: 600 W MH (cycle 18/6)
Exhaust system w/ 6 inch fan
Humidity was low recently (35%) but is now stable at 50
Temperatures are hard to control with MH. 85 last night. To control: I’ve opened half of the front flap of a 5X5 grow tent and placed a window A/C close by to stabilize. Temps hover between 80-87 with light on.
Oscillating fan is inside the tent

Are these heat blisters? It is only affecting one out of five plants right now possibly bc of a hotspot. The original cotyledons are yellowing.


Plants are fine. I don’t see any issues.

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Maybe I’m just freaking out. This is my first grow. I saw those spots this morning and it looked like a blister. Thank you for the anxiety relief!

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This last photo makes me go hmmmm…what is going on here.

Take another look @Myfriendis410.
What do you think?

Those spots looks like water droplets that got burned into the leaf. With temps at 80-87, you’re going to want to try and get humidity closer to 70%.

Thank you! I’ve got temps down to 77% and rolling steady

Just water

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