Heat! annoying! pain!

Hi everyone, I’m having some heat issues.
I’ve got a good extraction fan, and 2 6inch fans inside the tent, problem is I can’t extract enough heat it seems…
The tent is upstairs (no other option) and I can’t extract the air out of the room consistently, could do for a few hours or so but its not a permanent solution.
I really don’t want to have to fork out 100 for an AC after just spending 230 on a fan and ducting… any ideas would be sweet!

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What size is the tent and the extraction fan? Is it a blower/filter type setup? Is it pulling out air from the top of the tent and taking in from the bottom?

Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth - 150mm (6 Inch) - 535 m3/hr - I have it on 40 - 50% capacity because it gets pretty loud downstairs. Tent is only 2.4m x 1.2 x 2m
I have the carbon filter in the top right hand corner, and then ducting to the fan outside the tent, then ducting again
I have no intake fan, but the vents seem to be doing the job

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Thing is, I have a 600w digital hps, which I have no chance at using at the moment because of heat.
Then another 2 LED’s that raise the temps too much also… its a massive pain!

All sounds right. It can be hard if the room temp around the tent is high too. I added a silencer to my 6" fan and cranked it up more when it got warmer. Takes away about 1/2 the wind noise, which for me was all the noise pretty much.


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Cheers dude, might have to go for one… although the fan is ridiculously silent, best on the market (debatably)
I have normal cheap crap ducting from the carbon filter to the fan, so that may be my problem… hmm

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yeah. my motor (was) quiet. It was the wind noise coming out the end making my noise. Fan since has bearings wearing out so it’s loud but will be replaced very soon.

One thing to watch for is pulling air thru the filter too fast. You might get some smell thru the filter because it doesn’t have time to “clean” the air before passing thru. I have not had that issue, but I’ve heard it mentioned here.

Also, my filter is connected directly to my fan with no duct (inside tent). Then I have just a few inches (4 or 5) of duct leaving the tent which is then attached to the noise reducer (outside tent) linked above.

You need to take fresh air from bottom of your building (a basement)
P. S. Sorry if you don’t understand, my English is very bad.

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Nah I understand, id love to man, but its not possible right now.
Can’r wait to get this grow under my belt, relocate and set up an entire room in a basement or something similar.

I think it’s clear and would be great but going from a basement to a 2nd floor might be too much work/too hard. I think I’d bite the bullet for an A/C before I did that.

Would be ideal if possible though. Sorry, not putting down the idea, it would work great probabvly. I’m assuming it’s too much work.

What kind of lights are you using?

Situation is its an upstairs bedroom, and ideally want the door shut, no hole in the door for ducting! before someone suggest it lol

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Use some cold gel from your freezer

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hang them from the top of the tent you thinking?

Not sure about the top… I think you need to place them near to that place where do you take the fresh air to cooling down.

You are having trouble whit your light for sure(to cooling down).
My meizhi 450w work in -20 - 40 C. That is the parameters for working good… I think you will need to place some that bags in the top to…