He, she or it? Week 2 flowering

Well it’s me again, dumb as ever.

Of the 2 plants I’ve got into flowering I think I’ve got one sexed with no problem. The second is still a big question mark. Short of the Hubble telescope they don’t make anything strong enough for me to see anything very small, so I’m hoping someone can see well enough in the pics to help with sexing these plants. I’m pretty sure one is Amnesia Haze and the other CR+.

Hopefully there’s enough detail to make something out for sure. But I’ll appreciate any and all observations I can get.

Peace and Happy toking.

The two bottom pics are to blurry and maybe the plants are a little undeveloped to see for sure, but the tops pics are females for sure, i can’t see enough detail for much of anything else though.

Thanks anyway. Yeah I was, or thought I was, sure about the plant in the top pics. I do think I’m starting to see 2 white hair on a couple of the preflowers in the depths of plant #2. Anyway time will tell well before it will pop any pollen if it is male/hermie.

Have a great night, man.