Hay bale planting

I am interesting in growing my babies in nitrogen rich hay bales. was wondering if anyone has had good experience with this method?

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No. But please keep a journal. I’ve read about this somewhere. It was on this old house

I’m growing potatoes in hay right now didn’t think of cannabis!!

I’ve always wanted to do this! You should definitely start a journal if you decide to do it.

I prepared the bale for 2 weeks by watering it every day and every other day sprinkling nitrogen on top. The inside is very warm and composted when ready to plant. 2 plants can be grown on top and sides possibly basil, or some other insect repellant plant could be added. So far I have a cherry tomato plant growing and it looking very good. Waiting for my seeds, so they can sprout grow I plan to try one in this bales with the tomato plant.


Are you using alfalfa hay? Does it matter? I regularly have 30 extra 500lb round bales left over every year so if species doesn’t matter I might have found my new medium :sunglasses: yes please do a journal and tag me in if can :+1::pray:t3:

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I bought a hay bale, or bedding hay at the local feed store, not green/feed hay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNjs3mg41GM

Basil does make a good companion plant. You could also try lavender, rosemary, sage, or marigolds. May I ask what you’re using as a source of nitrogen? Just out of curiosity

@Sirsmokesalot I’m pretty sure you can use any type of hay. Straw is what people typically lean towards since it doesn’t have grain seeds in it and you don’t have to weed it but it also doesn’t have as much nutrition in it as hay does. I’d say the main downfall is it tends to need a lot of water compared to soil.

Im not sure the name of the brand, but it was organic nitrogen my Dad had for his lawn.

I think I’m going to try this next year if I can get my hands on a couple bales.

Could you please let me know your outcome? I have been straw bale gardening for four years now and will never go back to traditional methods for vegetables, but I thought it would be fun to try this out and hide a plant between my tomatoes. I have done some searching and many people proposing the idea of trying, but aren’t updated with results.

Old post but my horses could use your “extra” alfalfa :grin:.