Having a lot of trouble with ILGM Gelato

I’m a little embarrased about these issues because my seedlings are doing terrible. I am doing everything the same as my last grow but not getting the same good results. They were overwatered, then looked like nitrogen toxicity, then leaves started becoming yellow and then one of them got brown spots on it. I am pretty sure they are all over watered so i am afraid to do a flush. I’m thinking it’s nutrient lockout or ph problems? I need some help because this gelato wasn’t cheap and I already lost one seedling, it didn’t even get its first set of leaves. I am in FFOF, 5 gallon fabric pots. They have gotten a little bit of nutrients because it looked like they were under fed so I thought I could force feed it some nutes, which I know was a bad idea but I didn’t know what else to do. Please help me save my babies.

Also, I gave them a light misting on top of the soil with some ph’d water just to keep the humidity up

If your soil is new, you should not need to feed! I have heard FFOF is lacking in cal. and mag? I think your issue is PH and or watering practices.
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