Haven't Seen This One Before

Any ID would be appreciated.

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Any clue what the picture is?

Looks like a marshmallow from Boo Berry cereal or maybe a ghost from Pac-Man. Going to need some more info for sure before we can attempt to ID whatever that is.


It’s the 3rd one I’ve found on stems. The rough side is attached to the stem. That’s about all I can offer. I thought it was a nymph at first but when looking at it it looks like a snail of some sort. I don’t see any damage or anything that would indicate it harming the plants. I saw 1 about 4 days ago and now 2 tonight.

There is such a thing as a white grub, and they are common in gardens. I don’t remember seeing one in person though. Google search doesn’t exactly look like what you have, but maybe these are larvae or immature?


Im with outlaw. Definitely a boo berry!!! :rofl::rofl:


Definitely an alien probe analyzing your plant.


I can’t find anything on the web that looks like this.

Is it an insect or could it be a type of slime mold?

I have no clue. It’s crunchy like a snail shell.

hmmmm… I’d love to see one up close! Maybe even take a microscope pic of it. Stuff like this fascinates me :wink:

It is still possible to be a slime mold. Some do get a hard exterior to them. When you remove it from the stem, is there evidence that it was actually attached into the stem or is there just nothing…

None, if I find any more I’ll photo document it better. Haven’t seen any after this picture was taken.

Found some more this morning. Busted out the microscope but couldn’t see anything different. Didn’t get a shot but here’s what it looks like looking at it.

I swear it’s a mini snail.

Possibly a scale of some kind.

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