Have I trimmed enough leaf from these?

Have I trimmed enough leaf from these babies?

It seems like a matter of personal preference, but I’ll tell you Danny Danko leaves the sugar leaf on after a wet trim, so that the small leaves fold back on the bud. That’s for his headstash. Then (a full drying and curing process later) he manicures again right before smoking.


@Adyboy. As @KeystoneCops said. A personal preference.
I usually trim very close due to higher humidity issues but I like the once and done approach. :wink:
Leaving some leaf on will slow down the dry time some and aid in curing.
7-10 days is considered normal dry time before putting in jars for final burping and curing.
Dried too fast will cause some harshness to the final smoke. :+1::v:


So I have a hypothesis to test out when I get the chance; I wonder if sealing the cut stem with beeswax would help moderate the drying process by forcing moisture to leave via pores rather than the relatively large conduit the stem offers.

I’ll be testing it out on a portion of a harvest, not the entire thing.


Kool to see if it works for you. :+1:
Tag me when you do. :grin::v:


Ok, jumped the gun. I leave approx 20% more leaf than that and dry. Go to jars and while curing I final trim.

Again personal preference, if it’s your own stash do as you please if it’s for market then closer the better usually.
When I have good solid buds I trim closer than you currently have but when I have wispy buds I just leave most of it on

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Preference but leaving the sugar leaves on for protection also. Keeps them clean then cure and manicure just like keystone said