Harvesting question?

So the flowering time for these super skunk is 56 days. I’m at 59. The tricomes are all cloudy some areas of the plants are barely starting to show some amber. My question is should I harvest the top colas and let the other keep going. I ask because the colas are turning purple. This is my first grow but it almost seems like it may be getting too ripe. The reason I think that is because if you go by the pistils then it is more than ready. There are barely any white hairs left


some growers do …I personally harvest based on the top tier buds…so lower buds are not amber


If you like you can harvest the top colas and let the rest Ripen for 10 to14 days. Also when you remove the top colas I like to dab a little honey on the open cut. Good luck :v::+1: