Harvesting Delma

Second year growing, 6 plants (2 each White Widow, Bubblegum & AK47) 17 weeks old. NYC location. Plants are in 15 gallon fabric pots, south facing location.
My problem is I’m going away for 12 days, Sept 14-26 and most of the plants look close to harvest. Trying to decide harvest now. And hope they dry and can be culled and packaged before I leave or wait till the last minute and hope they won’t be too dry when I return. One is a little behind and can probably stay in the ground till I get back. I’m afraid to leave the others as they might be past their prime. Any thoughts?

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Tough call here. I think you would be harvesting too early if you cut them down before you leave. Both quality and yield will be sacrificed.

You could look into an automatic watering system, depends how much you want to spend and time you have. If you’re going this route, get it done ASAP. This way you can get the system working and fine-tune/problem solve.

I have a pump in a big tote full of water. Runs to drip lines in my plants. It runs at 5am every day. Small air pump in the tote to keep the water somewhere oxygenated and less stagnant.

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My pump is too strong, so I have a fan controller on it to dial down the strength, just like slowing down a fan.


If it’s possible from the pics looks like they still have some time of course don’t no how the trichomes are it’s your call though they look great by the way

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I have an irrigation system in place. It’s a drip system with inline emitters. I run it for 1/2 an hour every other day which is about 2 gallons per plant ( 15 gallon pots. How much water do you think is adequate. I will have someone checking while I’m away.

That’s awesome, you’re set. In that case I’d leave them to ripen up while you’re away.

Hard for me to say if 2 gallons is or isn’t enough. If it’s been enough so far this season, then you’re probably good.

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