Harvest time - not sure about when. HELP 🥺

Hello dears…so basically after almost 2 months of veg I should harvest after 2 months of flowering, ending exactly the 31th of December.

But talking with some other friends, they say that it’s still quite early so that I should wait another 36 days instead.

Those are the pics that I’ve took today, at 36 days to harvest.
Should it be less?
Should it be more?


Do you need a video or specific pics of the plants to help me determine that? Just ask!

I’m still disappointed with how little and few are the colas after 2 months of LST.

I did an ok work at best, but I feel horrible and I could have done better.
But it’s my second time in 15 years so…what do u guys think?


You did great! I’m having trouble getting a real clear look at giving a guess on when it might be done. Does look like you probably have a bit of swelling to go yet. What I definitely do see is a room full of frosty green plants. See em through and keep an eye on those trichs. I saw in your other post about the damn mites, sorry. Do you have capt. jacks dead bug? I hear it’s best to get the concentrate and mix your own solution a little stronger than recommended.


Definitely shouldn’t be another month from the bud in the pic. They look to be in the window of checking the trichs. This is from the breeder:

she flowers incredibly fast (45-50 days indoors)


Just a question: if the bigger buds are done, should I cut them and let the light to her part to the other ones? The little buds that doesn’t get much light I mean


Sure, you can absolutely do that. It’s called selective harvesting.


Thanks to you I learned something hella new today Bobby…love u man :heart:


@BobbyDigital has you covered.
I am usually a bit cynical about breeders giving Flowering times because everyone wants a fast flower, but what is said about the plants you have is the important part. Keep and eye on them amd keep sharing pic of those triches as close in as you can.


When you do selective harvesting, do you cut the buds off or do you cut the stem? If you cut the stem, how does that affect the plant? does it get stressed and slow down the ripening of the other trichomes?


Just cut the stem the ripe buds are on. The rest of the plant will keep on doing its thing.


32-30~ days to go but maybe FAR LESS for some almost mature buds

What should I do?

Looks like some are almost ready and others faaaar away from being mature, what guys do you think?


Your plants are looking GREAT!!!

However from your photo’s cannot clearly determine how close to harvest you are . . . yet.

Try taking a VERY close up photo.

As I get close to my estimated harvest date, I do the usual look/see using a jewelers loupe, then when I can see the pistils largely turning brown I start taking photo’s with a close up device that links to a cellphone. Once I get to this stage I start shooting photo’s at various spots on the main cola and also on a couple of secondary buds (which are usually a little less “mature”).

Here is an example from a grow I am close to harvesting with a Bubbilicious. I am estimating my harvest on January 9th (based on a previous grow with this strain):

Keep up with the grow!