Harvest or wait!? Help!

How do I know if I don’t have a microscope?


Usually when almost all hairs have turned red, that is the 2wk countdown. You can get a cheap wifi scope on Amazon for like $22 that works just fine.


You want to wait until about 90% of the pistils turn dark red/amber and start receding into the bud. Youve still got a few weeks to go. 30 bucks can get you a digital microscope on amazon. You can get close up on trichomes then.


You can just wait until it looks worn out like this. (Haven’t cut her yet)

or even this. (the last one I cut)


What @HMGRWN said, but you can get a 60x microscope on eBay or Temu for next to nothing.

Should I defoliate?

The short answer is “no”! Your plant will exhaust energy trying to heal itself after defoliation, energy it should be expending to finish off the flowers. You’re at the finish line, don’t stick your foot out and trip her! If you have leaves blocking light and air flow of bud sites try tucking them under. Plant looks really good! Happy Growing!

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