Harvest issue and need advice

Got a quick question about my grow and hoping someone has an answer. I took down a G13 and it’s looking good, smaller than I want but still good and enough. The other 2 are Dutch Treat and Fruity Pepples,(both of them photos), they were both on the same timeline but during the grow a week or so ago Dutch got to close to lights and started to fry the leaves, buds are good. It caused the plant to almost freeze in time since then it’s turn to burgundy leaves but no other signs of growing and pistils are still white and not browning. Anyway to “reboot” this sweet thing? If not instead of wasting would it be any good for keif collection? The plant is an otherwise healthy plant big and beautiful with giant nugs frozen time. Any ideas?

Edit to add the Fruity Pebs is almost ready to pull


Can we get pictures??


Sorry can’t post pics.

Without a pic it will be hard to tell what’s going on with the ladies. I suppose u can look at trichs with a scope and judge them.


I guess more than anything I was wondering, if something got shocked anyway to bring it back? Tricks with lights etc. I guess I’ll pull the other one and keep this one a lil while longer see what happens.

Sorry no pics, the Bible Belt and the law frown upon that kind of stuff here. Most of the pics I compared it to showed light/heat stress as the likely cause.

The short answer is no.

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Nothing to worry about here my friend. Nobody cares where you’re located or if it’s legal in your state. We just want everyone to have fun, be kind and be successful with some quality herbal medicine!!! Happy growing bro and hope you get it squared away!! We’re here to help! :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2: