Happy Frog runoff test

Sounds great, in the end it really doesn’t matter what it looks like, especially if it has that kind of effect!
I would think whatever you make with the kief from it will be even more potent than the buds your friend smoked.
Glad it worked out better than it appeared it would!


With any luck mine will be the same :100::metal::pray: stay lit my friend :grin:

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Hi Zudnik,
I pretty much wrote off both girls due to the 100% foxtail issue. Nonetheless, she received as all my girls the best of everything in material nutrients, care ect. So I knew if foxtailing didn’t interfere with how she was grown that I’d have a good chance.

I would venture to say you gave your girl the same care. I think you’ll be fine. Other than just being airy and ugly is bad ass shit

Keep us posted

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I did keep em going was already vested for the 16 weeks so ya definitely can’t give up at that stage now you give me some hope anyway :grin::+1: . I’ll post back on smoke report , mine has been curing about a week now, keep em growing growmie :100:

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Good morning Ron or should I say good afternoon. I’m preparing to edit a new schedule feeding chart due to all of the new nutrients that I picked up as per your suggestions. I’ve spent over 2 hours reading back through our notes so I don’t ask you the same question twice or waste your time. Nevertheless this is going to be a very long post and I apologize please take your time reviewing and no rush on the answers as I respect that you’re a very busy man.

Let’s start here first and foremost understand that I grow and Happy Frog soil with just some Pearl light added. I will no longer use coco mixed in as it does create issues.

More importantly understand that I do not water/feed to run off until after or late in the vegetation stage. However, if you think this is bad please correct me I have no reason to be opposed to change on anything. Let’s just say I’m cheap . If you feel I should be running off sooner let me know.

I’m going to first start with a list of nutrients that I plan on using throughout the grow.

  1. liquid silica boost 0-0-1
    2.) Powdered raw yucca
    3.) AN base grow bloom
    4.) AN Voodoo juice
    5.) Microbe life vegetable fruit enhancer
    6.) Microb life photosynthesis Plus
    7.) AN big buds
    8.) AN bud candy
    9.) Kelp seaweed extract
    10.) Cal magic calcium magnesium

Okay so now you know the list above of everything I’ll be utilizing. Here’s the more important part. How I’ll be using it and questions on how to use it. There are a few things that I’m a little lost in so we’ll start below…

1.) As you know I never use tap water I have access to Rain, R/O and distilled water. I’m assuming since all of these Waters have such a low EC that there will be a need to add Cal mag every now and then in a very low dose to the water. But I don’t know what EC of Cal mag I should use and or when to add it. The reason I don’t know is I never used it during the last grow unless there was a calcium deficiency

2.) As far as Yucca and silica I’ve never used either. If I’m using simply as directed it’s very simplified. If I’m using as directed do I start this during the seedling stage all the way through the grow?

3.) Microbe life vegetable fruit yield enhancer to my understanding I will be using full strength on my first use that should not be given until late veg (last week of) or first week of flowering. After the first full feed use I should then use 1/2 of the recommended continued used am I correct on that? I assume I’m correct that I will use this from week four till harvest?

4.) Photosynthesis Plus and Voodoo juice. I may be incorrect on understanding these two but I will do my best to explain what I understand.

A It’s my understanding that both of these products should be utilized once a week. Photosynthesis Plus should get full strength on the first feed and as directed from the bottle when continued use or do I have strength their recommended continued use?

B I should alternate weeks. One week use photosynthesis and the next week use Voodoo juice.

C so basically my feed would be 1 time per week alternating between Voodoo and photosynthesis Plus keeping in mind that I’m only feeding them once a week alternating am I correct on this?

D do I start this in the seedling stage or do I wait for the vegetation stage after transplanting?

As for the other nutrients I would just continue to use as I’ve used before. Also noted that silica would be used before anything including Cal mag with a 30 minute wait before adding anything else

That really concludes the questions and concerns that I have starting the seedling stage in new grow with a bunch of new nutrients and additives. Hopefully that’s not too bad of a list above and from my heart I thank you in advance :v:


With the Photosynthesis Plus, and Voodoo Juice, I’d use it from day one, even before they sprout I have it in the solution I run through the solo cups. PP I use the full dose immediately after the transplant into final pots, and then half dose weekly after that. As far as using it with the VJ or alternating weeks, it’s your choice. It wouldn’t hurt to use both together, except your wallet, lol, but it isn’t really necessary to use them both, so if you want to make the products last longer, alternating weeks is fine. Once you start the Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer towards the end of veg, I’d go full dose first time, and then half dose weekly after that, but do it a few days apart from the PP. Like if you give them PP on Monday, do the V&FYE Thursday or Friday. You don’t want to give them too much humic acid all at once.

In soil I use Yucca once or twice a week, and in incredibly small amounts. I add 1/16 of a teaspoon to 5 gallons of feeding solution, and I add it last, after everything else. I use it from the very beginning.

I use silica twice a week in soil, and like you said it always goes in first, gets mixed thoroughly, and then sits for at least a half hour before adding anything else. I use a quarter teaspoon per gallon. You can start it as early as week 2 or 3, but if you plan on doing any training that requires bending stems or branches, you might want to hold off on the silica until you’re done with that. Personally, I use it from the beginning, and I’m very careful when I have to bend branches, but the silica definitely makes them more stiff and rigid.

With any form of pure water it’s good to use some Cal/mag. The easiest way is probably to just use it in every feeding but in a small dose. I’d say starting from near zero EC, you can add Cal/mag to around 150 to 175EC, then go to your base nutrients next. If you wanted to do the cal/mag less often, like twice a week or so, you could up the dosage to around 225 to 250EC, but I think it’s best to stay as consistent as possible, so I’d suggest sticking with the small dose at every feeding.

As far as when to start getting runoff, it depends on what your goals are. If you want the initial charge in the soil to carry you as long as possible, then you should get minimal runoff for the first several weeks. If you want the best results possible, I’d suggest getting B-52 into their feedings, and get some runoff from the beginning. Once the soil is partially depleted, you can start using the good stuff, lol.

One more thing to keep in mind is to be careful with the kelp extract. Take a close look at the ingredients of all the products you’re using. Some, like the base nutrients or B-52 might already have some ingredients that are derived from kelp, so you might want to cut back on how much you add on top of that.

Let me know if I forgot to answer anything, my attention span is fairly short these days, lol.


Well excellent response. :clap: Thank you so much. Doesn’t really look like you missed anything I’ll go back over it later. This will absolutely help me make my own chart.

As to the kelp seaweed extract it’s NPK value is incredibly low. Actually, I’ll add a picture below let me know what you think. I’ve always used it from the minute I put the seed in. As far as how much I use during seedling I follow the recommended. During veg and flour I use 2ml per gallon I believe that’s about half of what they say to use or less.


I can greatly appreciate both your questions but also your answers both are very well thought out and informative :+1: i enjoy tagging along here :rofl::grin::metal::100:


So I’m starting to trim the big girl Do-Si-Dos (100% Foxtailed) and I started to collect my trim from the bin when I noticed a bunch of seeds. I trimmed about five branches I got about 20 seeds out of it.

I didn’t think Autoflower could hermie. Are the seeds usable. Will they be Autoflower. You think they’ll most likely be all foxtail like the other two?

Thanks in advance


I don’t know much about that, but I think if the seeds were a result of part of the plant going hermie, the seeds will likely produce hermie plants. Definitely double check that with someone who knows more about it though, because I’m not sure. The only time I ever had an auto produce seeds was a Gorilla Glue, and it was a few years ago. Other than that one, I’ve been really lucky.


I have read here can’t remember what thread but yes auto’s can hermie, surprisingly the three grows I’ve done so far haven’t had any hermie on me yet but im sure im jinxed now :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I believe any kind of stress can cause it. But i am far from an expert


:sob: :pleading_face::angry::scream::zipper_mouth_face::hot_face:


This stuff is so sticky & it smells so good. She had 11oz + trim. I kept two zips because I know it’s going to be killer and I cut the rest up to make hash. At the end of the day we make do with what we have.

As far as stress goes, she’s stressed me out way more than I stressed her ! :space_invader:. Back to tomato plants


Yeah, sometimes I’ll go through 2 boxes of these gloves in 1 harvest because of how sticky everything is, lol.


So been just shy of three weeks cure and smoke report on hubbabubasmellascope is definitely a thumbs up :+1: probably will still use some for extract but i am pleased with it :grin::100::metal::beers:


I’m wondering if I start with tap water around 420 ppmdo I just cut everything to get the ppm right ?


If you’re referring to feeding and I assume you are if you’re starting with your water’s PPM at 420 PPM (just your tap water) and let’s say your desired PPM is 600 that means you can totally use 180 PPM of nutrients. In short your Waters PPM always adds to your full PPM requirement.


I’m really glad it worked out for you. Basically I had the same thing with a foxtail and as I told you before it worked out good the smoke was excellent. I did have it’s sistered to play it Herbie on me. Ended up with 11 oz of seed weed. I kept 4 oz and the rest will go to make hash.


Yup thanx I’m glad too, but it is nice you can still save a grow by doing hash or extract!! :metal::beers::100: stay lit my friend :grin:


That’s a little high for growing. Not saying it can’t be done, but like @Lostgirl said, you’re going to be limited with adding nutrients to that water. Your best bet is to get another source of water, or consider getting a small RO system. They’re only around 60 to 70 bucks on Amazon.