Halogen bulb

I am new to growing and i don’t have a lot of money but plenty of seeds to experiment with. I have a Halogen bulb work light that emits clear light, gets very warm, and produces UV rays. I believe it’s 500 watts. would this be an appropriate light for growing in a 42 Square FT room? o and the room stays warm as is because it’s got the water heater in it, not excessively hot but nice and warm. walls are an off wight color, should i cover in tin foil?

Halogen bulbs can be used but they often have too much UV light which can kill the plants, they really don’t like much more UV than we do, they can get sunburned too. 500 watts halogen is not nearly as efficient or as good of a light source as HPS or MH HID lights and 500 watt HPS or MH lights are only good for up to about a 5 square feet room, so I would think it most certainly would not be enough for a 42 square feet room.

Go on ebay. Buy an Ipower 400w switchable MH HPS system. barely over 100 bucks. 1 digital ballast, switches from 200-300-400 watts. comes with a MH and an HPS lamp, a reflector, 2 adj. hangers, long chord.

Ballast automatically reads which lamp you use; can be switched from 200-300-400 watt.

Never use a halogen :slight_smile: