H2O2 use, Questions?

Some say yes use it, others say no don’t use it.
Just exactly what is the real point of using H2O2 in your opinion? Exactly what does H2O2 do?

As far as soil or hydro… ?

It’s used to sterilize your media in both… :wink:

No other purpose… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:

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Thanks fuss… DWC Hydro applications.

H2O2 also adds oxygen to the water by breaking down after it is added by turning into water and oxygen.


@JH231 - @TxGrowman is right. The O2 is one extra oxygen molecule. You can use it for keeping roots healthy… an alternative or even something to use in conjunction is an enzyme. Like Hygrozyme or Cannizyme. Those will help break down dead roots and nutrients in your solution.

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H2O2 kills micro-organisms (the good, the bad and the ugly bugs) plus adds some O2…
Seems that it be a lot cheaper to add 1 extra bubbler for $3 and buy a $1 bottle of Clorox at the Dollar Store? Clorox is a lot cheaper than H2O2 and bubblers are cheap and disposable.