Guys first time growing , I need some help here new growth yellow

Hello guys
I moved my plants to a new place , The water here it’s different. Before I was buying distilled water but now in this place it’s has a water filtration system (not reverse osmosis system) … I don’t want to keep buying water it’s more expensive. Any solution guys S.O.S
I’m getting 800 ppm and pH 7.2 (tap water) I adjusted and mixed the nutrients after adjustment my pH was 6.8 and ppm 1134
Soil: Fox farm ocean forest
Nutrients or fertilizer ? Yes
I’m testing sugar peak and Robert bergaman’s nutrients.
What type of lighting are you using? Marshydro
LED 30" far away from the canopy
What are the temps in your grow space?
Day 79° F / Night 72° F
What is the RH = relative humidity in your grow space?
50%- 60% Day / 50%- 60% Night
AC ON , Humidifier ON, De-humidifier OFF

This big bud 6 weeks old

This one is Banana Kush 6 weeks old

This all looks fine. What you are seeing is normal leaf variegation. Noting to worry about.


You’re getting this from your tap water? If so your filter isn’t doing much. A water softening system is not a filter and softened water isn’t a good choice.

Can you get a reading from before it reaches the “filter” ? Find your water meter and take some off of the drain valve for your plumbing. Watch out, it’s gonna come out “fire hose” pressure.


You don’t need any nutes with FFOF for at least 5 weeks. It is hot enough to carry you til then. oops, just noticed they are 6 weeks

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Yeah I’m seeing variegation as well. It’s genetic and not harmful. They usually grow out of it.