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Jus up clearing a plot in NZ not too far now. Have been growing some seeds I got from a bro but also some feminised strains from ILGM. It’s late September I’ve jus put down gg4,blackwidow and big bud strains this year. Will be outdoors most definitely. Plots 30m by 30m triangle which we have terrist off as it goes down hill. North face not the best facing hill but out of sight out of mind. Hoping to get clones off some of them, hope Im not too late. I put the bros seeds down early august was still cold then can’t do an indoor grow room as it not my property. Those seeds are pumping. They should start showing signs of sex soon as light hours are close to 12hours here in NZ. Was 3 diffrent strains in that mixed bag I called citrus, diesel an pinky lol. Citrus grew huge diesel wide an pinky was in between the two. Know what to expect from them now.


Sup bro, post some photos and let us check them out

A pic of the plants its dark so not the best.

Looks good , always good to see a fellow kiwi doing a grow, mine aren’t that big yet, I’m only doing a few tho @DAMAN-NZ. Keep us in the loop il be following

Will do bro got them in early to sort out the males from the females. Feminised seeds jus gone down not much to show of that.

My ones have only started there first three finger leaves atm also got fed seeds from ilgm

Are you gonna get clones off them?

When they get bigger I will , I have gorilla glue, blue dream and mk ultra. :+1:t4:

Thats cool bro, are you grow indoor or outdoor this season. The bros blue dream came out like hash last season was mean ass.

Outdoors at a mates house , first year growing for us using good genes normally was just use bag seeds, we grow as naturally as possible , use Kina juice n fish fert etc

I found kina juice too tuff at early stages of growth not til they get bigger I’d use that. Much easier when there in the backyard. We still gotta run a couple hundred metres of waterline to our plot. Ill be using sheep pallets a bit of lime and seaweed. Hoping to grow to the heavens out here lol

I only use the Kina juice when there abit older and then it’s watered down and strengthen it up after awhile. Going to try the fish when it’s flowering (be a first for me) I’ve got some seaweed in a rubbish bin soakin in some water atm , should be Gud stuff been in there for quite awhile , iv never done the covert growing in the wild before, would piss me off if someone found it

These are my babies.

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Nice bro lookn good. Yep sounds like the go on the kina juice. Defz would piss me off. But thats the risk growing in the ngahere(bush).

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pic of the polt

Looks like there’s plenty of light, how many you plan to plant in there? U inspired me bout growing in the bush so I went and put a few bag seeds in a secure spot in the bush, hopefully they will germinate , only plan to go back to sex and water maybe twice then harvest if they survive , I didn’t cut anything down just tried to choose the best spot light water etc :+1:t4:

True that mean bro. I put mine in early to sex them thats the beauty then when they turn back to vege they’ll be monsters… haha. We put lime and dolimite in today then flipped the soil. Couldn’t get a T join for our water not til monday so did what we can. Also transplanted the bigger ones to pb5 bags should get them pumpn.

Mean as, looking forward to see the updates through out the season , do you need to animal proof we’re your planting? Do rabbits eat it?

Been setting my possum traps in the plot ain’t caught nothing yet. Gonna through dog shit around once we get the girls in. Smaller animals are scared and stay away.

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