Growth stopped at 2 leaf stage

I ordered some Blue Haze seeds and soaked them in water for 4 days, but no tail, just a slight bulge at the edge of the seed. I planted them anyway in MiracleGrow potting soil, as I’ve done several times with other seeds. Both seeds sprouted and after 2 days, the first leaves (2) appeared, but no further growth has occurred in the ensuing 10 days. I spray them with water every day, but they are not over-watered. I usually don’t put new sprouts under my Vivo Sun multiwavelength light until they show a little growth. Any suggestions?

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Yes; repot out of MG soil. You may have been lucky in the past with it but you start playing with some of these ‘full-race’ cultivars and they can be really twitchy. It’s entirely possible the MG soil nuked the emerging roots and is a dead plant. Equally; your seedling is putting out roots and all the growth right now is invisible to you. Only time will tell which is which.

What soil do you recommend to repot into?

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Fox Farms or Roots Organics make cannabis optimized soils.