Growth and veg to flower timing

Hi, need some advice on my first grow. here are my details: using promix bx with vermiculite and perlite, and 1000w led lights (about 2 feet above, 18/6) indoors. been feeding fish fertilizer early on with some liquid kelp and now fox farms trio and cal-mag (all very diluted to start and now up to 3/4 strength). the plants have been in a stable 70 degree environment at about 45% humidity. i leave my tap water sitting out over night before using it, but i have never tested the water or soil mix for PH and i don’t know how to test PPM. i think i have been good about not over-watering or going too heavy on the feeding.

  1. first 2 pics, OG Kush (germ date 2/22/2020 so about 10 weeks in the pics): i think i burned the roots when i gave it kelp too early. it grew slow and leggy with several inches between nodes. there was a lot of yellow around the edges of the leaves and you can still see some in the pics. it is only about a foot tall. didn’t know it was an auto till it started throwing pistils. i started giving it extra P-K and less N 2 weeks ago. the pistils are turning brown on top, but how will i know when to harvest? it looks like all flowers and no real buds but i can’t tell…what should it look like when ready to harvest?

  2. 2nd 2 pics, “CBD” White widow (germ date 2/15/2020 so about 11 weeks in the pics): looked good from the start but a slow grower. always seemed to be a heavier feeder than the other plants. i topped multiple times and have done a fair amount of LST and it has filled out nicely with no brown leaves. why do you think it grew so slowly and when do you think i should switch to 12/12? is there too much new green growth to switch? do i need to thin it before switching? should i use a transitional fert with extra K or stick with the tiger bloom with extra P?

  3. i have an amnesia haze that is 10 weeks old. it looks like other peoples’ plants that are 3 or 4 weeks old. it had a lot of brownish/dry on the leaves but that is gone and its growing faster. slow growth seems to be one of my issues. any thoughts on that? temp, humidity, ph, light?

i grow a lot of finicky super hot chili peppers, but this is new and more complicated to me. i tried to cover the basics of my grow, but any questions/suggestions/observations would be appreciated. thanks.

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Your flowering girl has had too much nitrogen.

I would get both pH and PPM meters to help you keep pH and nutrient levels proper. Chances are that if you haven’t been measuring and adjusting, then your pH is really low now and your plant(s) are going to have a really hard time with the uptake of P and K.

You can flip when you wish, but I would get pH and PPMs under control first.

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What specific brand of light? Or what is the draw power of it? I think you have a burple light (misleading true watts) and it’s effecting you in flower stage.

I agree with @MidwestGuy on pH and ppm, very important tools to have to control everything you put in it

Welcome to the forum! Amazing support around to help you

thanks. i had no idea that was an auto so i was feeding it like a photo way too long, what tipped you off to the excess N…the yellow on the leaves? i’ve read the promix bx is lower ph so your low ph thought makes sense too. maybe why the plants are not growing as fast as they might. sounds like i need to step up my game a bit.

should i just harvest that auto or give it a little more time? i’m in no hurry, but i’d prefer upbeat to couch-lock effect (ie, earlier harvest).

thank you zee. i posted on a different site and got no response for a week…i’m happy to be here where people seem to care!

king plus 1000w, power draw 189w. once i realized i had an auto i turned on both veg and bloom lights.

Dark green, waxy leaves with yellowing tips.

I see plenty of white pistils still and it looks like she has some filling out to do. Do you have a magnifier with which to look at the trichs?

i have a simple magnifying glass that doesn’t get in very close. does this zoomed pic help? seems to be getting cloudy but not amber. the pistils underneath are all white.

Looks like trichs from a leaf. Should be looking at trichs on calyces, as trichs on leaves will mature faster.

What I thought, the true 189watts will get you through to flowering, but will decrease your yield, drastically. I bought a burple light too, I will keep it for seedling and early veg.

I will be switching to a 600w MH & HPS bulb, which am excited about. Let me know if you want links to them

good point…they look longer and darker on the leaves. better pic?

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Yeah. It’s still too far off for my old eyes to see much. I think she looks a little early based on the white pistils and that she still has some swelling to do. Hopefully someone will come along who can see better than I can.

yes please on the links. i have limited space and plants in varying stages of growth, auto/photo so i’m not sure how to handle lighting for different needs…rookie mistakes, i guess.

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