Grown as a house plant?

I was just curious if anyone grows any plants as house type plants? You know, sitting on a window sill, or on the desk in the office, that type of house plant.
I have one starting inside a tent, and my fiancé wanted one for her desk in the home office.
Any of you have something similar going?

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If you really like the smell of marijuana in the entire house. Go for it!


It’s not something that will be sustainable for cannabis. They are light heavy plants so they will continue to stretch in poor lighting conditions like window sills or offices.

You can do this if you got a florecent tube light or 100 watt CFL and look into the solo cup challenge it want be very big at all but you can do it tho

I beat the hell out of this little lady, but she kept on ticking.
Here is a couple pictures from today of the house plant we have in our office.
It’s in happy frog soil mixed with some perlite. Over the course of its life I’ve given it some recharge and it’s been watered with ph’d water and non ph’d water. It’s gotten a lot of run off water from my main plant I’m growing, gotten a couple good doses of nutrients, but mainly just got watered with whatever water that was laying around.
At one point we had it lst’d pretty heavily, but for some reason that I don’t remember right now untied it.

Not bad for an office desk house plant, eh?