Growmoredank Grow Journal

Kids rock it, teach em young, we have 16 grands, 2 great grands, wife and are Brady Bunch family, started young the both of us, young enough to run thru the yard with, abeit a little slower but all the same!!

Oldest grand is 22 youngest is 2, greats are 2.5 and 2 love the babies!!!


Those look amazing bro! The tent must smell amazing. :star_struck::drooling_face::sunglasses::metal:t2:


I just realized I never responded to you…

I ended up taking my controller to the grow shop I bought it from… They tested it… Bastard worked… I had tried everything to troubleshooting it.

Never found a cause… Very irritating… But everything seems to be working now.

Again… Sorry I didn’t reply… I had same issue on the AC Infinity humidifier… The uis plug on version 1 comes out easily and can get water in it.

Version 2 they fixed it with a special plug and socket with grommets… Much better.

I recently got two of their new heaters… Waiting for the move and first grow to test them out… Got a deal. Ac infinity CS isn’t the best sometimes… They had gone through our transcript of an issue I had… They didn’t like how their CS treated me (I hadn’t complained) and provided a 25% coupon for the stress.

I hope you have a great night!


Roll one dude


It’s been a minute since that happened but the humidifier was free to me from my brother so I never considered it a real loss. Glad to hear that they treated you right though and good to know that they fixed the problem with the connector. It was just stupid to have an appliance that by design will be at least near moisture not having protection built in to the data connection.