Growmoredank Grow Journal


Spring close upon us, the basement is getting warmer, supply is diminishing quickly… Time to grow!

Please join me in this adventure:
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For this grow I’ll be running four feminized Photoperiod plants of different strains:

  1. Berner’s Cookies from weedseedsexpress
  2. Heirloom Maui Wowie Cherry Bomb Pheno from Sebring Seeds(free from DIY a Green Life)
  3. Northern Lights from ilgm
  4. Super Skunk from ilgm


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I’m along for the ride. Good growing man!




Yes, Im in!


After an emergency furnace issue in December, I had to take down my grow room… What a task! Pack up and conseal.

Basement still at 50F and I am getting old so I am setting it up as needed.

Veg tent = AC Infinity 4x4
Light = HLG 300L Bspec. (not doing uva in veg any longer)
Exhaust out = AC Infinity T6 with charcoal filter (I know but at the end of veg it starts getting stinky at times and cannot take chances). Vented into room.
Exhaust in = AC Infinity Raxial 6" online fans.
Fans = jardin monkey and vivosun(slowly replacing as they go out).
Heater = small oil filled radiator heater
Humidifier = cool mist humidifier (replacing with an AC Infinity soon).
Dehumidifier = 70 pint/day with self drain in the lung room.
Vivo sun 2x4 heat mat (under the tent tray).
Controllers =

  1. AC Infinity older one w/o the app stuff just for exhaust set at a constant 3 to supply fresh air.
  2. Inkbird Temperature controller with heater plugged into heat and a raxial inline fan for cooling.
  3. Inkbird Humidity controller humidifier plugged into the humidity work# and another raxial inline fan to bring in drier air on work# for dehumidifier.

Plus… Numerous, various Govee hygrometers placed throughout the tent at soil and canopy level.

Light meter = quantum par meter from Amazon.
Air flow meter to ensure my air flow is adequate.
Laser temp gun for leaf temps.

I will be calculating and ultimately charting my DLI and VPD throughout the grow with an android app I am coding to work out bugs before publishing it in Google Playstore. For both I’ll be taking a minimum of 6 readings and average the results to calculate for accuracy.

I will not use an online chart for Vpd for the first time this grow as my app should handle that just like excel charts online.

Just finished setting up the veg tent:

And got plenty of soil, Roots Organics Original:

I am currently germinating soaking now, then to paper towels if necessary.
I’ll use rapid rooter plugs then transplant to solo cups then to one gallon plastic pots to ultimately transplant into 7 gallon fabric pots.

I’ll also be using Great White mycorrhizae at every transplant including seed into plugs.
Also I’ll be watering with Tribus Original rhizobacteria.

For feeding I’ll be using up my Fox Farm nutes.

My customized FF nute schedule:


Thanks for the tag and I’m in for the ride.

This is a great setup and good luck my friend. I’m not experienced with soil or fox farm nutes but I’ll try to help when I can if you need me.

You’re venting into the same room your tent is in?


Unfortunately, yes… Very illegal here, plus I rent in a very conservative area, so I went to great lengths to keep my humidity in my lung room low.

One bonus… Completely separate from outside… I get absolutely no bugs in my grow area… Well sometimes a spider…and nobody is wise to my activities.

Thanks for coming!


Gotcha! I remember my first grow one of the issued I had was venting into the same room, I couldnt control the humidity but you got this buddy!

Happy growing.


Looking forward to watching. Very nice set up!

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I have my flower room venting into my veg room for supplemental heat. Its 32° right now and im sitting at 68° in both my flower and veg room… damn Dogwood Winter here in the south… by wed itll be 75° again and ill be fighting heat… i have my rooms built in the back of my shop. Gotta love growing covertly.


Count me in!!


Not much happening yet…

Spending time while waiting on germination, cleaning and sanitizing tent and equipment.

Changed batteries in my apera ppm and pH meter and calibrated. Changed batteries in all hygrometers.

Tent has been holding environment stable over the last couple days.

The Northern Lights seed is the first to crack through during soak in pHed water and cap of hydrogen peroxide… She’s going in rapid rooter, others going into wet napkins and a bit of low heat(warm) today.

@Caligurl I took time to QWET some stash… As i have too much and some phenos I didn’t care to taste… Better the Your OG provided a black pepper phenotype… Cured perfect to… But hate black pepper… So I am QWETing all 6ozs.

So far got about 10grams decarbed concentrate.
Here’s one silicone container full:

Got another this size almost full and another small one.
Gonna make gummies… Never tried edibles… What dose should I make them? I smoke everyday throughout the day… But have heard eating edibles is a whole different monster… Any tips on dosage? 2.5, 5, 10, or 25mg per gummy for a first timer not wanting to overdo it?


When I started, I made them 20mg, then 25… now I make them 30-35… If I don’t feel like being really stoned, I just eat a half of one. Easy to either cut with a knife or a scissor. So one full recipe makes about 75 gummies. 75 X 30 = 2250 total mg for the recipe. Take the qwet at approximately 750 mg/g and you need 3 grams of the qwet (I call it goo lol)

You do need to decarboxylate the goo if your didn’t decarb the herb first


@Caligurl Yes it’s decarbed… Used your refined method. I saw you had changed things from the first post.


About how long does it last? The buzz that is…


That depends on if I’ve already had a gummy that day. I’ve noticed, if I have one say 4pm and that takes about an hour (up to 1.5 hours) to kick in then it peaks around 1 hour after that, then maybe lasts about 2 more hours (so 4 total from the time you take it?) But if I then take one a little after that one starts fading, that one kicks in sooner and lasts… well, I don’t know how long it lasts, I’m usually in bed by then hahaha

Edit, I think everyone’s metabolism being different effects everyone differently.


Well I think there’s something wrong with my rapid rooters.

I had all four germinate put them into the rooters as normal, and nothing.

I opened them up to see no progress. Eliminating the Rooters.

I soaked two more seeds of each… I have a ton of seeds…and stuck the germinated seeds from the rooters and put them in solo cups with Roots Organics Original and a bit of Great White in the hole. Dome on each and increased the heat mat temp by 5F.

The soaked are now in wet paper towels… Then to Solo cups.

I am going to veg all then pick the best 4 to grow to flower. I may try to trim back a couple until I have room to flower them if more than four have good characteristics.

I guess all grows can’t be smooth.

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So… I think I figured out the issues… Finally.

In the past leaving my soaking seeds in a cupboard above our refrigerator would hold a temp of about 72F consistently.

I had assumed that was still true. I assumed wrong.

I now have one seedling and three just popping the surface.

Also, I had forgotten to calibrate my govee hygrometers.

I have completed that and they were way off.

To calibrate, I put them into air tight containers with a bottle cap full of course salt and about 20 drops of water. Left them for 24hours in a dark closet with consistent temps. After 24 hours set them to 75% in the app. Each was off in one way or another by as much as 11%.

Fingers crossed. Seedling stage has always been the most stressful for me.


I think you’d have much better germination/seedling success in a small controlled environment. I have a small 2 x 2 tent I set up and use as a nursery tent, but a germination chamber works great as well. I keep them as hot and humid as I can for the first few days, then start dropping the humidity a bit at a time. A seed will germinate faster at 83° than it would at 75°, and seedlings will grow much faster as well.