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Usually for days or weeks. Sometimes even forever. I’ve had an unrelenting fascination with cannabis since I was 16 and cars and elephants as long as I can remember. No telling what will catch my fancy next. It also has a few drawbacks like being painfully aware of every last noise and movement going on around me, but you kinda learn to live with it.

Unfortunate news this morning. I was out re-tying the girls outside and saw that one of them fooled me. What I thought was a pistil was a dried up stipule. Sooooo I only have one girl out there and there is a pretty good chance she got blanketed with pollen judging by the pistils. That kinda stinks since it came from the worst male of the bunch. Hopefully I’m wrong. It’s been known to happen. I should still be able to get some good seeds when she does flower. I just have to pay extra close attention. I can’t say that I’ve been particularly fond of these plants as a whole anyway. I think next summer I’m going to get a few tissue tests early on so I don’t have that problem again. The good news is I still haven’t anchored the greenhouse so I’m going to move it over a little and the one girl will have all the room in the world. Hopefully she fills some of it in. Maybe my greenhouse getting delayed wasn’t such a bad thing.
All is well on the indoor side. The OH 1&2 are ready for transplant again. I haven’t decided whether to go to 1 gal or 3. Only issue is I don’t have 3 gal transplant pots which makes things a lot easier. Maybe I could adapt some of the ones I have. I bet a few safety pins would do the trick. I also noticed a distinct lack of Mycorrhizal fungi inside and out so I guess I need to fix that while I’m transplanting. hopefully the 2lbs. of inoculation I have is still alive.


Wow thats interesting least your putting that focus on something good. I dont know much about aspergers. Thanks for sharing.

So now you will let it grow separately and see what happens?
What a cute plant manager!

I don’t either. I was fortunate enough that after a few months of trying different things my parents realized I had been getting along just fine up to that point so why mess with success. That was the last we spoke of it until I was in my 20’s. Now days people just think I’m a little off when they meet me.
The male is now a duke toy. The female I’m going to hope I’m wrong and she didn’t get pollinated yet. I’ll grow her as big as I can. a few weeks in to flower I’ll pollinate a branch with the pollen from the good male I sent to my buddies house. If she did get pollinated, then she probably won’t be a monster, but the plan pretty much stays the same. I just won’t get as much or the same quality bud from her.


@Gl1tch said By this point I’m so mad I could club a baby seal. Now I gotta clean my drink off the floor after it blew out of my nose. I’m crying here :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I am unfamiliar with what I should be looking for, to see a “lack of Mycorrhizal fungi inside”.

Care to share?
Used “Bigfoot” Mycorrhizal? in 2022.
Not cheap, so I didn’t repeat purchase.
Used others, cheaper, since.
Not sure how to evaluate.


Has anyone seen a mutation like this before? Just figuring this site out sorry if I posted in the wrong place. It’s Adirondack kush by NY auto in Schenectady. I topped it and it grew back on itself. Just an interesting glitch. Lmk!

Gotta be pissed to club a baby seal, I mean they are pretty cute.


Good morning everyone. I transplanted OH 1and 2 last night and all seems well. sure enough the safety pins seem to work just fine for transplant pots so I went straight to the 3 gal pots. In another couple weeks they will go in to their final 10 gal pots.
@DEEPDIVERDAVE you can see the fungi growing on the roots of the plant. They look like fuzzy hairs all over the roots. They act like a straw for nutrients. Roots can only take up nutes through the root tips. The mycorrhizal fungi attach themselves to the roots. then they take in food and poop plant soluble nutes directly into the root through the hole it uses to attach itself. A perfect example of symbiosis.
@Pogmothoin114 welcome to the community. It’s kinda hard to say from the pics but it looks like a water shoot to me. Sometimes when you cut off established growth it will stimulate old nodes to produce new growth. It’s not a big deal. I just pinch them off when I see them. I also see a few uneven nodes which again isn’t a big deal it’s pretty normal. If you keep reading a few more topics the forum will upgrade your trust level and you will be able to make your own topic. I think it took about 20 minutes of reading when I signed up.

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Experienced with 2-legged little people, doing that, not plants

@Gl1tch I truly appreciate your forum sharing. Thank you for sharing and caring. DDD

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Forgot the pics once again


home made transpant pots

Mycorhizal Fungi on seed sprouts.


Fungus attaches. Eats. Poops. Plant eats poop. Sounds like a food chain at work. I wondered what the fuzzy always was. :grin:

As usual, I forgot to move my light up after transplanting

so the new transplants did get a little light burn yesterday. Some days I wonder if I smoke too much weed to grow weed. The OH3 has really started lagging behind the WW2. Those were the ones that I forgot about and sprouted in the paper towel and the one that had the bugs on it respectively. Looks like I’m probably going to keep them all since I only have one outdoor. We will see how much space I have.


It’s getting close to time to prune and net the Clem n Cheese


Wow the outside ones seem like they have did a nice amount of growing from the last pics! Look great


Agreed. Got a bush going on

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It is starting to spread fast, surprisingly we have been getting a decent monsoon season this year. With the exception of 2 years ago, this is the most rain I’ve seen since Katrina hit the gulf. She has been loving the cloudy afternoons and evening rain. Even if it’s not much it has been enough that I haven’t had to water in over a week and the humidity has been staying close to 30% when it gets hot. Really need to get the net up, I’m starting to run out of staples and tie wire.


You get any backlash from the hurricane.

Lol@30%. I seen 76% here outside the other day.