Growing with Gl1tch

WOOOT! It’s raining. The babies seem to be loving their first rain. I think this is the first time I’ve seen them un taco their leaves since I put them out. I got a surprise day off tomorrow so I’m gunna try to hustle into town in the AM to get more straw and the last few pieces of lumber for the green house. I really want to get that handled while the ground is wet. Sadly it’s starting to look like a sausage fest out there. I’m fairly certain I have one girl and maybe another but the rest are looking pretty suspect. Glad you guys like the pic. I was trying get a pic of the balls but I’m a terrible photographer.


I almost forgot, I got some pics while there was a break in the rain. Looks like it’s going to be a good one. Its been raining for a few hours now. Here’s to hoping for a good monsoon season this year.


At least we are still breathing on this side of the dirt.


Everything on the farm is looking good. Not sure where you are in NM but I used to live in Portales and I remember it being so dry. Rain was a myth.

I’m about 40 miles east of Albuquerque in the valley between the Manzanos, Sandias, and Pecos. We get the occasional storm from the gulf that gets hung up on the mountains, but ya, we don’t get much more than 10" a year here.
Everything is looking pretty good. They have been loving the humidity from a few evening rains this week. I have 3 confirmed males so far and the maybe girls are taking their sweet time popping hairs. I am noticing they are starting to lighten just a shade. Looks like the rain did flush them a bit. Good thing I ordered amendments for topdressing last week. I really wish the girls would pop hairs all ready so I could put them in the ground.
The green house has to take a back seat for a week or two while I get the yard and house ready for a new pup and get her settled in. hopefully by then I’ll have girls to put in it.


I forgot the pics yesterday. I think I’m finally figuring out how to take good close ups. My buddy should be by soon to pickup a male and then the rest of them are getting the axe. Unfortunately the other possibly female was not looking good this morning. I didn’t think to get a pic before I removed the affected leaves. At first I was thinking Mite damage since I saw a webs and some spots a few days ago. It has been undergoing the neem oil treatment in quarantine since. Upon closer inspection today I saw no mites, no webs, no bugs of any kind which is more what I would have expected after a few days of treatment. It also occurs to me that this has been a weak plant for a while now. I think she may have been diseased and the bugs were just hitting the weak plant until I kit them with the spray. One way or another she is going down hill fast and I don’t think I care enough to try to save her.

Female plant, I think this one is a keeper

Male plant


Whew, been busy busy busy. The greenhouse is 75% complete. I should be ready to order the tarp tomorrow after I get some hardware. I put the 2 girly looking plants in the ground yesterday evening along with some sunflowers and a mix of clover seeds and some of the native clump grass seeds I harvested from the ditch. They got a little wind beaten today but are otherwise looking good. I sent the best of the males with my buddy and threw the rest in the compost pile. Trying to decide if I’m going to plant anything else out there. Perhaps a chili plant or some herbs. I still have a ton of veggie seeds from a few years back I might see if any of them are still good.

As usual duke had to help dig the holes and roll in my dirt.

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