Growing with a blackmoon rising

Yep had one with honey and one with peanut butter
Usually i have both together on the same slice toast.
Yep and we are in the slow process of hauling the sun back over here for our turn at summer :sunny: lol
Every day now we get something like 2 extra minutes of daylight
July August Usually our coldest months
Yours the hottest probably
Cheers :beers:


Indeed! 2 more months and the leaves will start turning and cooler nights will sweeten our :tomato: tomatoes . Outdoor girls should start to flower here next month :wink: end of July/August. I changed it up and have chopped all my mother plants in half and have them all cleaned up and healthy. Going to up pot them and put them out to flower in August. I’ll up pot move to breezeway for a week to harden up a bit, and then set them out. I have 1 outside growing now RQS Tropical Mirage.