Growing using only part of my area

Ok. I have a 5-foot by 5-foot wire pro-temp that’s very nice and it is 6 ft 10 inches tall and I want to put carbon filter in it but I only want to grow one corner which is two and a half foot by 2 and 1/2 foot with one lot of consisting of about 280 Watts maybe 2: 40 I think it is 2: 40 or might be 2: 20 but either way is over 220 and I just want to start talkin about this situation

Now do I just sit back and wait for emails?

You can grow in any area if you have the ability to maintain the requirements of the plant. So the main room that it’s in you’ll need to be able to heat/cool etc. depends on the strain as well. Do you have info on what your using for a setup?

Well so far I have a very nice melonfarm tent 5x5 of course with a waterproof bottom that can be removed and I have almost 100 seeds but they are regular as they were crossed and gifted to me. A Autoflower cross of Russian Rocket Fuel and white dwarf and neither produce over 40 grams before crossed. also before crossed 1 auto supposedly got around 18 inches up to 21 grams and the other up to 2 feet production of up to 40 grams and both are supposedly very potent and beautiful but 1 ready in 70 days other in 60 so I’m figuring 65 5x 5 tent I will love to fill at a later date but my funds are only going to allow me to use a quarter or 30 inches by 30 inches of my tent unless I go hps. I definitely have thought about that but would love to try viparspectra v600 with a flowering coverage of 2and 1/2 feet squared so I need 4 that would pull 260 true Watts and since this is the amount I have to work with financially I can only do a quarter corner of my tent so I will probably grow as many as 6-9 starting with 12-18 until they sex and I weed the males out to 6-9 plants in 3 gallon pots. I only expectat the most 240 grams average since 1 phenomenal produces double than the other but I am happy just to grow first time and see then next time I will fill the entire tent. I’m getting a 6 inch exhaust fan with carbon filter and plenty of ducting and a couple of good fans for circulation although with only 260 true Watts I’m not too worried about excess heat. I want to do everything right. Of course there are several other variables but that are the main ones that I’m going to talk about at this moment.

besides that any help is well needed but I’m headed to bed so just leave your messages and I will return to you as soon as possible and thanks ahead of time

Was supposed to say phenotype instead of phenomenal

The viparspectra is a good light, not great, but good enough. Bigger the pot, bigger the plant. Stay away from miracle grow products, they’re no good for weed plants