Growing Time in Tent Auto Flowers

Firstly, Thank you so far to the Forum contributors. You rock.
I have been doing Lots of reading in the various Forum pages, and gleaning some interesting information.
I have a Question re: Auto flowers Indoor, Soil medium (not Hydroponic). Converting, for your benefit, to Imperial as I go here :slight_smile: 3ft x 3ft x 6ft. tent. Spider Light SF1000. Growing 1xWhite Lights & 1 X Fat Monkey Autos. Finally, my Q, what is the average time from sprout to flowering of Indoor Auto femme plant. Just an average across the board will do fine thank you in advance.
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Autos generally start flowering some time between 4 and 7 weeks, though some can be stubborn and take a little longer.


Thank u MidwestGuy

And … Longer is OK

Yes it is.

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Hope this pic is ok
Plant is almost 6 weeks old from day it sprouted.
Any comments would be appreciated.
Kept the growing as simple as possible and never grown indoors b4.
Sf100 spider.

SF1000 Led that was.