Growing setup questions

A question from a fellow grower:

I purchased some seeds from you and am getting ready to stratt the growing process with them. I’ve got a 4’x4’x78" grow tent vented with a filtration system. I’d like to buy an air cooled HID/HPS system, Will that be overkill for that sized space? The tent is setup in the basement which at this time of year is between 50-55 degrees. During summer it ranges between 60-65 degrees. Can I get away with an Air cooled HID for the germination/veg phase? Or should I invest in a CFL setup to cover just the germ phase? Any recommendation would be appreciated!

I would suggest a 600w for that size, should be about perfect. Are you using the space just for veg or are you using the space for veg and flower?

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Using space for veg and flower. Just want to know if I should purchase a CFL lighting system for the germ/early veg phase and then change out to an HPS. Or can I get away with using an air cooled HID for germ/early veg and swap bulbs to an HPS for the flowering phase? Just not sure if the HID will produce too much heat for the young plants.

You should he fine with the hid’s. It’ll keep it good and warm for the seedlings, plus the air cooled hoods should help keep the temps from bein too extreme

a cool tube system is ideal for that set up… just have a GOOD fan and use a fan controller with it… and when the temps start to drop just slow the fan down a little til you get back to that sweet 75 I use a 4 x 4 x 6.5 with a 6inch cool tube myself with a 150w MH then 600w HPS