Growing Room material

Hey folks again ,
I got question …

I found this tent/camping shower thingy in my store room and i though it might be good idea if i customise it as it has to be done or this material is useless ? ( …The box says it can hold up to 40C , that shoud be ok dont u guy think? -From seeding to Buding- (Soil , not Hydro)

Oh …HELL YA ! I gota get me a couple of these my self. I could expand my grow some what.
This is why I like this forum…people share info.

Right on Bud


haha ill try sort this out and send some pics !
Sharing is Caring :slight_smile:

If you can find some Panda plastic for reflection, that would be great. You will also probably need an exhaust set up.

Ohh yes ofcourse i will … I was more like asking for the tent material :wink: if its viable in it.

Panda plastic for reflection,
Is this the stuff you were telling someone in here to use to cover their windows with to keep light out and if so…where can I find this stuff

Thank You


Ye id like to know that too !