Growing outdoors on latitude 57.6

Hi All. I am a real beginner

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Welcome @Dippy57
So your in London England?
Are you growing or looking to grow what’s your story man

Hey @Dippy57, welcome to ILGM! Have you downloaded the free grow bible from this site? It has lots of great information, and is a good general overview of the entire process. There are also a ton of specific topic “guides” if you follow the link at the top of the page.

Also, Happy Anniversary, @Nicky! :v:


Hi. Yes I found the bible today. Thanks for your warm welcome


Definitely start with the Bible, read that and read some posts or do some searches for posts then when you have read a bunch and want some input let us know. Feel free to tag anyone like myself and we will help the best we can

@elheffe702 thanks man!

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Hi. I am not in London but Scotland NE AREA I am a first time grower
I suffer with MS And have problems getting hold of good quality weed so I thought I would grow my own a bit nerve wracking but I hope it will be worth it


It is totally worth it if you can’t get quality cheap bud in your area.

Do you know how many plants you want to grow?
Where do you plan to grow? Remember you will need to exhaust hot stale air out of the house.
Many people vent out their furnace if it’s not legal in your area to avoid thermal helicopter detection.
If that’s less of an issue you can just create a new dryer vent somewhere and vent out that (you can even contract someone to come cut and seal one properly) windows can be used to but they are more obvious and can have more condensation issues but still totally doable.

If your home all the time you can also just flush the room with an open window often.

Lots to think about.
But start in soil its nice and easy.


Hi. My first attempt is WW She is about 2-3 weeks into flower but I can only use a 2 x 2 x 5 tent with a LED light. Venting is no problem I live on a farm. If this grow proves good I will invest in a 8 x 4 x 7 tent and definitely start a journal so I know exactly what stage I am at
Thank you for reading my bits what are best for outdoors colder climate please

Hi Nicky Sorry to bother you, when I first posted on the forum you were the first to help and I need help again. whats best for a small tent feminised or autoflower. I only just realised where you are and can I say I love your area been there many times.

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In short autoflower, they GENERALLY grow more compact.

That being said you can grow photos as you want, you can train them to any space or time you want but it takes more effort so easier to start with an autoflower.
Some autos can grow big, ussualy dependant on how much sativa is in the genetics.

Hi Nicky. I was just thinking about Canada and you came to mind. Please be careful and thank you

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