Growing outdoors in Michigan

I live in Southeastern Michigan. I have a small outdoor greenhouse, it is very simple with plastic sheeting over the top. It is a small one from amazon.

This is the one in the link above.

I am on a tight budget due to disability for severe pain. I have been buying from the dispensary and they have out priced me. I am looking to grow very discreetly so I can have what I need. I live in a community of people who are all in others business.
I was thinking of growing some tomatoes and hot peppers along with some auto flower plants. Could anyone please advise me as to what seeds will work well for my situation or how to go about this ? I plan to use auto flower plants. I know that greenhouse is small and it does not have vents that open.

When are you looking to start this grow? I don’t believe a greenhouse like this will allow you to grow through Michigan winter. It’s too cold here, and I’m south of you.

The night time temps will kill anything you try to grow in it. You get snow and below freezing temperatures most of the winter right?

Yes you will need to wait till spring, and as for strains.

These are on the list for what you are looking for depending on what the issues are.