Growing my own medicine

So these are the only survivors of the “big medicine project” as I’m now calling it. They were born on the 4th of July. And today the are 3 and 3 1/2 inches . Glad to see them start to get their 2nd set of leaves. It is an outdoor, albiet protected grow. My plans Is to transplant later when they are sturdier as I am in FL. And we are in rainy season. And the rains are torrential at times. Gonna keep one in a container and 1 in ground eventually. Trying to keep them tough by keeping them outside. I can move them to a protected are of the lanaii if we get a severe storm for now anyway.

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How much direct sunlight are they getting each day? They look a little stretched. They look pretty healthy.

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Thanks @Jmesser80, I think that they looked a little stretched too. They are outside and get no less than 6 hrs in direct sun daily. Most days the get direct sunlight until we get our afternoon storms. At which time I HAVE to move them under the covered lanaii. The rains are truly torrential and they would drown. But every day I keep them in direct sunlight as long as possible. Honestly, I probably started way to late in the summer season for Florida. But I don’t have to worry about a frost in September. I just found “I love Growing” a few months ago. :slight_smile: I have saved a few seeds for a retry if anything happens to them.


Btw. I did just move them from a small seed starter pot to this larger one 2 days ago. They handled the transplant well.

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6 hours of direct sunlight should be adequate I would think. (I’ve only grown indoors but am currently doing an outdoor grow). I believe @Hogmaster is an outdoor grower maybe he can give you some pointers. I would hate to stear you in the wrong direction.

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You always want morning sun till about 1 pm then shaded sun… :wink:
Morning sun will dry out morning dew and will help keep away mold or fungus… :wink:



Make sure your pots drain well. Once your plants get a strong main stem they should be fine out side even in a heavy rain as long as the pots drain well. When mine were young if I was expecting rain I would put a clear solo cup over them. Kept them safe in heavy rain.

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@sasquatch Thanks! Yes they get the morning sun. The rains come in the mid
afternoon. I did put rocks in the bottom of the container as I would with
other plants to help with drainage. GREAT Idea with the solo cups. I was
trying to think of ways to protect them without losing light. They may be
too big now to do that but I think they are gonna make it. I’m feeling a
little obsessed over them because growing stuff in Florida can be tricky.
Especially if it is something you care about. I wish the word “weed” was
more literal in this case. Ha!