Growing multiple strains together

Hay everyone.

So I’m getting my seed list together in anticipation for my next grow. I’m growing SSH this time and would like to grow multiple strains together on my next grow. Get one hell of a colourful tent going

Ideally I’d grow 4 plants, importantly hydroponically so they would share water supply and nutrient feed.

Strains would be SSH, Blue dream haze, purple haze and possibly gorilla glue ( being a indica in a Sativa list am I asking for problems?) if so I can grow an extra Sativa from the list.

Indoor grow

Let’s the discussions begin my green friends

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Never had a problem running different cultivars in the same space. Hydro too.

Before you go down the hydroponics road, look at ‘Autopots’. There are several threads and grow journals on here. My grow buddy has been using them for 6 months or so and loves them. This is the direction I’m going once set up in the new house.

Another one to look at is ‘Jack’s 3-2-1’ for nutrients.

Budget the bulk of your investment in lights. HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) is the current leader in lighting for cannabis. LED’s are the way to go but word to the wise: don’t buy any light off of Amazon that says: “equal to a 600 watt HPS but only consumes 150 watts!” or similar. If the light is blue or purple (blurple) it’s not worth buying. HLG, Spyder Farmer, CHILled Logic are the three to look at.

Whichever media you work with, get one designed for cannabis. We see a lot of newer growers going down the soil route and use commercial soils totally unsuited to growing cannabis.


Thanks for your input.

I’m currently using a HLG 300l rspec and fugging love it.

I’m also using a RDWC. 4 pots with a reservoir

Currently using the Canna range of nutes but have been looking into Jack’s 321

Really glad to hear I’m able to grow multiple strains together.

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If your sharing a Rez between your plants try to pick 4 that finish at the same time so they are all getting what they need at the right times. Like, how can you flush 1 plant if it’s finishing 2 weeks before the others without taking away your other plants nutrients

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I hear ya. I didn’t think of that. Nice one

Also if your plants are different heights, and you have only 1 light source, then a short strain amoung tall strains may get treated poorly. You would raise your lights for your taller plants, and the shorter one would get less and less light. Then eventually your tall ones would grow over your short one and it would be stuck in permanent shade. Then you stand a good chance of getting fungal issues as your shaded plant gets less light and if your unlucky it pollutes your rez and all your plants get sick!

Thanks for jumping in, so probably best to grow the sativas together, and save the gorilla glue for another grow with some new indica seeds.

Or would topping, LST and a SCROG work well enough to eliminate the height problem?

I’m sure it’s possible, but I personally would set myself for success by eliminating as many potential complications as I could from the beginning. I can tell you that I have seen different plants react differently to the same nutrient feeding. Some got burned while others were more then happy. If you do different strains, make sure to start at a very reduced nutrient program and slowly increase it until you see signs of unhappiness

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I was hoping picking haze strains would help with potential feeding problems. Does it work like that or am I being a complete noob

What I have found is that everything is really strain specific in terms of nutrient demands