Growing medicinal marijuana (Master Kush)

A inquiry from a medicinal grower:

What I am looking to find out is;
What is the ideal humidity?
What is the ideal temp (75-78 I think)?
How much carbon dioxide do I use?
Is a bud exploder chemical worthwhile
Is there any problem spraying for spiders in the 3rd week or later?
Which yield is higher, 1 ft round pots, 4" x4" square pots or 6" x 6" square pots
Is it better for 1 or 2 crops of Master Kush (1 cola Vs 2 colas Vs 4 colas)
Whats the easiest fastest way to get rid of Spider Mites?
Does spider mites affect the quality of the but or simply eat the leaves. What is the exact danger?

I have a 20 light grow op (1,000 HPS) and I supply 6 other medical patients.

Do you have any specific advice for growing Master Kush indoors. My ceilings are 9 ft. high.

In your opinion is there another strain that you would recommend. I am only interested in growing the top 5% in quality of medical marijuana. The cheaper strains don’t give the needed amount of medical qualities.

I see that Master Kush takes 63 to 70 days to bloom. Can this be sped up without losing yield?

I would suggest that you download our Free Grow Bible HERE>

After you have a read through; Come back and we will be glad to clarify anything you do not understand. Peace.lw

I don’t know much about Master Kush, but OG Kush is renowned for its powerful medical qualities, as are many of the seeds carried here at ILGM. Different strains have different medical qualities, there are many different strains that would be recommended for different medical ailments, it kinda depends on the individual patient’s needs.

Check out all the award winning seed strains and their descriptions as to various qualities and potencies here:

Hi, or is it High. I am desperately trying to find a strain to help with chronic pain and the accompanied nausea with lack of sleep. In the last 6 months I learned how unique each strain can be. So far Lavender Kush has been my magic billet. I immediately felt the defects the muscle relaxant Cycibensoprene (Flexural) my body can no longer take. My weight loss turned around, sleeping improved somewhat and overall health improvement.

I know medications work differently with different people but This is worth trying.

Very nice of you to share this important information with the community. Thanks.

Have you tried Blueberry? I have always read that it was one of the more consistent strains for Pain Relief :slight_smile:

I am a medical patient also and I know different strains help for different ailments but I would highly recommend Roberts Gold Leaf as it is a powerful and high yielding strain and no I don’t work for ILGM. I just found them after 2 bad seed banks and they have been honest, stand up people and full of knowledge. I will not buy from any other again.
Hope this helps, Smitty

We always welcome positive reinforcement. kudos!!! :smiley: