Growing light help

I have a 3.5x3.5 size tent and would like to know which of these lights would be best

Neither of them are good growing lights. They cite Samsung LM281B diodes, which are inefficient and outdated. You should look for a product with Samsung LM301B or H series diodes. Horticulture Lighting Group, Chilled, and even some of the latest Spider Farmer models offer efficient models that are good grow lights.


You need to know the PPFD and efficacy, full spectrum. Are the light used for clone or veg? Clone stage needs a little light(150-300 PPFD), but the blue wavelength is needed for roots grow. If you buy light for veg stage, then the may need >600 FFPD, Red wavelength is needed. You can ask the light supplier for these data, they will supply to you. Good luck, growers.