Growing in hot humid climate, what should I do?

Questions from a fellow grower:

I live in a very hot humid climate. I am planning on growing indoors. But even indoors with 2 grow lights, aircon flat out and fan, is 25 degrees at 6pm. Should I just plant seeds inside now as they are or put in fridge or something first? As seeds coming from cold to hot climate? Also another question, due to the hot weather and humidity we are experiencing. When I harvest what growing at moment. Once cut down should I leave both fan and aircon on or just fan? To prevent it forming drying so fast or should turn everything off?

You wither need to invest ina ventilation system, or use AC, or both. Otherwise; You have to grow it and see whether it adapts well to your environment. 25 degrees…I assume you mean 25 c???

77f or 25c Is not to hot for your plants. Do you have an Exhaust fan to help remove your heat? You might invest in a dehumidifier to remove the humidity.
On this this site there is great info, download the grow bible from site. There is Info on harvesting and how to cure your buds. Hope that helps.