Growing in Fox Farms Ocean Forest Fungus 🍄

Strangest thing ever.

Last summer I bought a bag of Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Late last summer I was going to use some coco and opened a small corner of the Ocean Forest before realizing it wasn’t coco. The bag sat through the fall when I peeked in and noticed white and puffy weirdness. I moved the bag out into my garage where it sat until yesterday.

I had four auto flowers I needed repotting. Since I grow outdoors for the fun of it and don’t really care how they come out, I opened the bag of soil, if you can call it soil.

It was one big mass of fungus with what looked like depleted soil in between the clumps. Some clumps larger than soft balls.

So what would you do, does fungus make for a good compost? I mixed in some Fox Farms soil conditioner with the Ocean Forest fungus to fill two 5-gallon and two 3-gallon pots. Guess I’ll see what happens.

Sorry I didn’t take photos but my hands were covered with fungus.


I had the same issue with a bag of soil I got and let sit for about the same amount of time. I just threw it out. I grow mushrooms and can’t have random mold spores in my house if it can be avoided.


This is the reason I went Hydroponic with my grows. Even using coco coir, which is hydroponics, you still have pest in your coco.
So I used 1 inch of non-organic sand to top my pots off with. You can also add a 1/4 inch of diatomaceous earth as a topper. Then spay foliage with neem oil, don’t forget your bags and pots. Spray then too.

I use coco with autopots for all my indoor growing which is why I had a bag of soil sitting since last summer.

Like I said, I’m growing 4 auto flowers outdoors for fun and I don’t really care about them which is a good thing considering they are getting snowed on today.

Same for me.

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I dumped a bag of old fungus soil around my mailbox along with a bag of manure just for S&Gs last fall. I forgot i had planted bulbs (stoner moment) and thought well, thats that… little did i know… those bulbs sprouted and are huge… juat waiting for em to flower now…