Growing distance

Distance between each plant when growing outdoors.

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Enough to ensure adequate airflow, light penetration, and room to work with the plants. I can’t say about outdoors since plant size (if growing photos) will depend on your specific location and its day-length.

I grow indoors and allow 9 square feet per plant (3 foot x 3 foot.) This is for plants that have a 8 to 10 week vegetative state.


First let me ask are you planting them in ground or do you plant to use containers for them.
Containers will help control the size and they can be adjusted, In ground they can become trees if the soil is good enough and they might need 10 feet between them.


Omg. I’m in UK. That is amazing. Someone I know grew two in his garden and had to take a 6’*6’panal out of the fence it flowered beautiful but being in the UK after sept it’s too humid and rot ruined prob 2-3lbs. He wasn’t bothered. He said I’ve sat out here and the pleasure has been watching it grow. I’d have had a different opinion


Wow @Spiney_norman is that your tree? What kind is it? I bet you need a saw for harvest on that stem.


I wish.
I cannot grow outside due to the circumstances of the particular area I live. Just don’t have a safe space. Its legal to do so if you can protect the plants.

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He definitely has a good reason to be smiling. Probably Humboldt County.

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